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Thursday Focus- Adrenaline Rush

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Thursday Focus- Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush

Enter the world of secret trials, swirling clouds of foggy colour, plasma dripping over chunks of meat, or shooting out among lethally targetted pellets, shards of crystal writhing through the method of your angling.

Colour. Appeal. Nano. Crystals. Method. Plasma. Attaction.

Secret, subtle substance, wraiths in the water, swirling out, drawing in the fish you're hunting.

That's the high that Adrenaline offers, setting anglers up to soar through any challenge, breathlessly focused, and keenly focused.

A range of bait additives that are all about allure and attraction, the Adrenaline range is possibly the most modern, edgy enhancement you'll find on the market, and proven to perform.

Dripping Plasma


Available in six striking colours, with flavours to complement a range of bait choices, Plasma coats your method set up with a thick, potent layer of attraction, creating an irresistible trail of smell and colour that fish can't help but follow to its source; Plasma is aromatic attraction that leads your quarry straight to your hookbait, and the beginning of a flurry of activity that will keep you on your toes, and at the very edge of your game, from first cast to final haul, on any venue, and with any species.

50ml of proven performance that pairs perfectly with the glimmering potential of Crystals; Plasma is the lifeblood of method fishing – make sure you get your transfusion soon!

 Shards Of Success With Crystal Method


The perfect addition to your method feeder, Adrenaline Method Crystal creates a highly visual, instantly appealing cloud of coloured attraction, that drifts through the water like fog, drawing fish into your swim, and ensuring you can keep catching all session long.

Proven to work in top secret trials, these crystals are a tiny taste of the ultimate adrenaline high, and pair perfectly with any of the Adrenaline range to create immediate, intense, and undeniable impact on any venue.  Perfect with plasma, the four colours of this crystal clear route to baiting success allow you to create an appeal that works for you, and synthesise your set up for performance perfection.

Nano Technology With An Adrenaline Edge


Pulsing with proven pellet performance, this boosting bait soak is so potent, you only need to use a teaspoon at a time to give your pellets an edge in any circumstances, and over every kind of piscatorial quarry.

Fluorescent gold dust in a 30ml tub, you can create targetted attraction that will manipulate your swim, and bring you results.

Adrenaline Rush: Key Points Of The Range

-Perfect for method fishing

-Complementary performance

-Colourful appeal

-Secrets made manifest

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