Thursday Focus - Daiwa Reels

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Thursday Focus - Daiwa Reels

Demand Performance: Experience Performance 

If you asked a selection of random people in the street to name a fishing tackle brand, Daiwa would most likely be a name to come up again and again, which is testament to the respect and appreciation that the performance of all their tackle, but particularly their reels, commands, even among those for whom angling isn't a particular passion.

Like Shimano, Daiwa is a brand that brings a classically Japanese focus on precision crafting and performance perfection to everything it does, ensuring that, whether you're a cost-conscious newbie, or an experienced professional willing to spend more in order to get the most in high-performance returns, there's a wealth of Daiwa tackle delights waiting for you.


At Angling Direct, we can advise you on the best choice of Daiwa reel for your fishing, and we always have a wide range of options in stock, whether you want to order from our website, browse the website, then click and collect from your local Angling Direct store, or simply go straight to your nearest store, and have a look round before buying everything you need, including your new reel from Daiwa.


Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag Reel


 Tell Me About It

Feel like a million dollars when you head out with this high-performance multiplier reel tackled up and ready to bring its 5:8:1 gear ratio to bear on your sea fishing, giving you a great retrieve from the snaggiest shores, and tearing through kelp and weed without any damage to your line, or loss of pulling power.

Fitted with Daiwa's intelligent braking system, Magnofuge, this reel is designed to detect the centrifugal force of the spool, harnessing the power of the early stage of your cast, and keeping it going throughout the flight, ensuring a flawless presentation and smooth cast every time, making this the perfect choice for all your heavy shore casting requirements.

Fitted with six ball bearings, one of which is corrosion resistant, an important consideration in saltwater angling, this reel will deliver silk-smooth performance session after session, with a durable longevity that extends your angling performance and enthusiasm well beyond the useful lifespan of other reels.

A rigid one-piece frame gives you the assurance that this reel can handle all the power, fight, and force of a lively session at sea, while the improved power handle backs up the reel body, allowing fantastic grip, and effortless leverage, and ensuring that you're able to bring that big beauty you've hooked quickly and cleanly to shore, and get a good, close look at it, and perhaps a photo or two, before turning it loose to swim another day.

With Daiwa, it's never just about how your fishing feels; this reel backs up its smooth performance with cosmetics that wouldn't be out of place for an angler who actually was a millionaire, inspiring confidence whatever walk of life has brought you to the edge of existence, where earth's assurances give way to water's potential.

What Do People Say?

 Anglers who've brought this reel have found it a dream to use, citing the engineering quality, and the fact that it's intuitive to use, and ready to fish straight out of the box.

If you're looking to bring a touch of class to your sea or big game fishing, then this multiplier reel will give you gold-standard confidence with every cast.

Key Features - Magnofuge - intelligent magnetic braking - Rigid one-piece frame - Improved power handle - Anodised aluminium spool - High grade brass drive gear - Stainless steel pinion gear - Smooth and powerful star drag - Gear Ratio: 5.8:1 - Weight: 12.2oz - Ball bearings: 5+1 (5CRBB) - Line capacity: 300m 15LB

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Daiwa Tournament Basia


Tell Me About It

 Sleek. Sophisticated. Ultra modern. Crafted for high end carp fishing performance.

The Basia is a carp reel you don't need to talk about; with its understated elegance and fierce performance perfection, this is a reel dreams are made of, where words are never enough to explain just why your rod deserves a reel like this.

The Tournament Basia with Quick Drag engagement is a timeless classic given a 21st century, future-ready face lift, without any loss of the exquisite handling and action that first made this reel famous.

This five-star, critically acclaimed reel features infinite anti-reverse, with a slightly smaller spool capacity than you might expect, which gives you just as much line as you need, and ensures the reel remains featherlight to play, making it easy to counter the weight of a carp on the run, and allowing for extraordinary sensitivity and feel right through your journey, from first cast to final retrieve, with a rigid power underscoring the air-and-mist weightlessness you'll feel every time you pick up a rod that's got a Basia ready to go.

The exceptional weightlessness and superior power come from the Tournament Basia's magnesium alloy construction, which creates a reel that's more than ready to take you into angling's high-powered future, and keep you ahead of the pack for years to come, and a carefully compact construction that crafts everything you need into a profile that will look like part of your rod, and feel just as smooth.

With two high impact line clips, vented rotor arms, starlight holes in the skirt of the anodised aluminium spool, and a sleek look that could grace the best venues, this is a reel that's designed for elegance, which delivers brilliance. If you intend to invest in your angling, then the Daiwa Tournament Basia is a quality piece of tackle stock that's right on the money.

What Do People Say?

 Our customers back up Daiwa's own belief that the Basia is the best reel out there, and will happily tell you that buying your Tournament Basia from Angling Direct ensures you get a service to match the performance and style of your new Daiwa reel, which is itself widely considered an engineering masterpiece.

Key Features - Basia Reel Matt Black Body - Dark Twilight + Red Dots Spool - Red Line Clip Collar - Black HIP Line Clip (with holes) - Matt Back + Dark Dots Drag Knob - Black + Black Holder Bail Assembly - Black Basia Style Handle Assembly - Wooden Handle Knob - Black Handle Screw - Red Rear Cover Shield - Black Rear Cover

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Daiwa Crossfire Black


 Tell Me About It

In other circumstances, following the impressive account the Daiwa Tournament Basia gives of itself might be something of a challenge, but not when you're discussing Daiwa reels, which consistently deliver quality, excellence, and value for money across the range, whether you've got fifty quid to spend, or five hundred.

The Daiwa Crossfire Black is just one example of a well-designed, high-quality reel that performs well above its price point, allowing anglers with tiny budgets to get the same big-hitting experience that their wealthier colleagues and competitors enjoy.

Made with a graphite rotor and body, and fitted with a machine cut aluminium handle, this infinite anti-reverse reel is enhanced with Daiwa's trademark Digigear II gearing system, a digitally designed gearing which transmits the power of the handle seamlessly throught the rotor, giving you a silk-smooth cast and retireve, and extending the lifespan of your Daiwa reel.

The Crossfire also features Twistbuster II, another high-quality technological evolution from Daiwa which virtually eliminates that all-too-common angling nightmare of twisted, kinked line, ensuring that even your hardest casts give you a smooth, precise presentation, with minimal risk of crack offf, and the assurance of an effortless retrieve with any size of catch.

Offering exceptional value for money, this is a stunning reel that would look great on a smaller rod, either as part of a young angler's first tackle set, or in the hands of an angler who's looking to add flexibility and versatility to their angling arsenal.

What Do People Say?

Anglers consider the Daiwa to be unbelievable value for money, a well made reel that's perfect for the smaller rods used in targeted fishing.

Key Features - Graphite Rotor - Graphite Body - Aluminium machine cut handle - Infinite Anti-Reverse - ABS handle knob - Twistbuster II - Digigear II - ABS II aluminium spool

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Daiwa: In Summary

What are you waiting for? Whether you prefer shopping face to face with friendly, knowledgable staff in a local store, or you like the anytime ease of buying online, at Angling Direct, we've got a range of Daiwa reels in stock and ready to go, and can talk you through the best choice for your fishing, your budget, and your ambitions.

So, click on over to our website, or head out to your nearest Angling Direct store, and bring home


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