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Thursday Focus - Fly Girls & Fly Girls

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Thursday Focus - Fly Girls & Fly Girls

Fly fishing conjures images of country estates and landed gentry, ghillies and tweed. It sounds expensive, and its marketing campaigns certainly tend towards the luxury lifestyle rather than the everyday potential.

However, as with all aspects of angling, appearances aren't the whole story. Here at Angling Direct, we're all about making every aspect of angling as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible, and fly fishing is no exception.

Maybe you've already looked into fly fishing, and decided it's simply not your thing. That's perfectly reasonable – the world would be a very dull place indeed if everyone liked the same things, although it would make our stock control a lot easier!

If you are curious about fly fishing, however, and looking to get involved, we've picked a few fly fishing essentials for you to have a look at.

Wychwood Epic Magnesium Sunglasses


Polarised sunglasses are a must for all anglers, really, but especially for those fishing on the fly. Cutting through the surface glare, polarised sunglasses give you clear sight of what's happening in the depths, shallows, and marginal shadows, giving you the information you need to decide where to bait, and when to strike.

With their lightweight, durable magnesium alloy frame, and elasticated rubber band that holds the glasses firmly to your head, preventing them from sliding off and into the river, these Wychwood sunglasses are a practical, stylish choice that will give you the vision you need to achieve your fly fishing ambitions, whether you're a complete novice, a returning angler, or someone with years of experience.

Smoked glass lenses offer enhanced polarisation, making all the subsurface action crystal clear, and ensuring you have all the information you need to act swiftly and surely.

Solidly made, with no compromise on quality, these polarised sunglasses from Wychwood feel as good as pairs costing over £100, yet come in at a fraction of that price – good for your bank balance, as well as your bank style!

Greys GR20 Fly Rod


With a lightweight, high modulus carbon blank, this rod is perfect for mounting any size of fly fishing reel, whether you're looking to keep costs down with the Advanta Ikon, or want to splash out on the Hardy Ultralite. A progressive action allows for both the element of surprise that comes from subtle strikes, and the power needed to play in lively, hard-fighting fish, while the 1K carbon detailing on the sleek black blank looks great as your rod arches into the classic fly fishing position under the weight of a solid take from a strong fish.

Designed for controlled speed and responsive strength, this rod is perfect for the long, silent stalks associated with fly fishing, with  a four-piece construction that's easy to break down and transport wherever you want to go.

Built for quality, and designed for durability, the Greys GR20 FlyRod is an affordable option that any angler can be proud of.

Advanta Ikon Centrepin Reel


A smooth, two-bearing drive ensures that this affordable fly fishing reel performs with a precision that's well above its price point, giving you reliable results with any species, in all conditions. The reel's stainless steel shaft is exceptionally durable, while one-piece machine cut quality ensures a sleek, robust reel that promises a long and action-packed lifespan.

With a 4.25inch frame and a 0.75inch spool, this reel comes ready to be loaded with exactly the right amount of line, feeding in perfectly to the “less is more” approach that characterises fly fishing.

Advanta is a brand known for perfectly blending form and function, and that's as evident on this striking, stylish, purpose-ready reel as it is across the Advanta range.

Light and easy to handle, this reel is a great choice for any river situation, and perfect for entry-level trotting. The Advanta Ikon reel comes complete with a handy neoprene reel pouch, which offers complete protection in storage and in transit.

Hardy Ultralite ASR


If money is no object, or you're looking to splash out on something special, then the Hardy Ultralite ASR Reel gives youa fly fishing reel that's designed to deliver, and built for purpose. A subtle yet striking cassette system reel, the ASR in the name stands for Assisted Spool Release, and makes the reel easy to fit, use, and respool, even for a novice, or someone who hasn't been fly fishing for a while. The Hardy Ultralite comes with Line ID system, making it easy to set the various lines that make up a comprehensive fly system, and keep track of them in action. The 340 disc drag is colour coded, which doesn't just look good, but also makes it effortless for beginner fly fishers to get to grips with, giving you the best chance of success.

A new and improved cassette reel from Hardy, the Ultralite ASR is 15% lighter than its closest predecessor, and packed full of performance. With its striking yet subtle gold centrepiece, this reel will look great when it catches the sun on a cast, too.
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