Thursday Focus- Guru Micro Cubes

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Thursday Focus- Guru Micro Cubes

The innovative team of Guru’s at, you guessed it, Guru have redefined angling shot. For years shot have been spherical in shape, but Guru have questioned tradition and subsequently developed micro shot with several benefits.

The form Guru settled on was a cube, this has numerous benefits. With a lesser diameter the shot are less prone to pinging of the line due to snagging or friction, meaning shot are now more durable than before.

The new shape also lends itself to easy adjustment, much like rubber float stops, the Micro Cubes can move freely along your line without damaging it but have the added bonus of actually adding weight to your rig.

The cube shape also comes into its own when bulking shot together, presenting a much tidier finish with shot absolutely flush together and not disadvantaged by a spherical shape.

Similarly, to old style shot Guru Micro Cubes are constructed from lead and so are remarkably weighty for their size. Whilst were on the topic of weight, Micro Cubes are not formatted in the traditional AA, BB, 4, 6, 8 format but in a more coherent 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 pattern, making it much more understandable to the novice angler.

A central, deep-cut groove is compatible with thicker lines and, being a central groove, the shot will sit perfectly balanced and will cock your float with precision.

Perhaps one of the best features of the Guru Micro Cubes is the case in which the Micro Cubes are housed. The flat slimline cases are easy to store in your tackle box and finished in Guru’s iconic orange colour, the case is fitted with a non-spill hinged lid so you won’t be dropping shot all over your peg.

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