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Thursday Focus - Korum 12ft All Rounder Rod

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Thursday Focus - Korum 12ft All Rounder Rod

Living The Bream

If you’re looking for a coarse species that is attractive to look at and relatively easy to catch, then your thoughts must surely turn to bream. The perfect fish for novice anglers, these small, placid fish are typically found in slow-moving rivers, which are easier for less experienced anglers to fish. Easy waters and placid fish, in the early stages of an angling career, help improve confidence, and keep people coming back to a sport which only gets more rewarding over time.

While coarse fishing is easy access, it still pays to invest in tackle that’s designed for the unique challenges river fishing, and the pursuit of smaller species, can offer.

Korum 12ft All Rounder


Designed for the challenges of river bream fishing, and crafted to offer flexible performance for a variety of coarse species, this 12ft rod gives you the reach you need on most rivers, and comes in a convenient two-piece, sectional design, giving you the very obvious advantage of being easy to store and transport, which means there’s nothing stopping you grabbing your gear and getting out to the bank on a whim, and allows you to keep your rod in the car to take advantage of a quick couple of hours on the bank after work.

The Korum All Rounder features Avon style action, and handles the shifting situations on rivers with speed and sensitivity that ensures success, whatever species you’re targeting, and is perfect for the gentler action and shyer bites that bream typically offer.

An attractive contrast handle draws all the right attention, and is styled for secure grip and easy handling, giving you the perfect blend of form and function, on a rod that’s well balanced with a reel attached, and capable of smooth, accurate distance casts, allowing you to get ahead of the current wherever you’re fishing, and whatever species you’re targeting.

Rated for line between 4lb-12lb, the All Rounder is built to handle anything, from shy, gentle bream to hard fighting barbel, and is a must for the keen coarse angler, with the looks you want, and the action you need.

Offering a balanced feel, and packed with plenty of power for getting ahead of the current and out to likely features, this is a rod that’s crafted with coarse fishing firmly in mind, and designed to give you success on any venue, and ensure you can bring prime specimens of any species smoothly to the bank.

Bream Team

Loaded with a small to mid-weight reel, the Korum 12ft All Rounder is all about balanced power, and controlled sensitivity, making it an essential rod for any angler. After all, even the most hardened carper needs to take some down time once in a while, and bream are the perfect fish to pursue if you’re simply looking to relax and unwind by the river.

If you’re looking for a dynamic coarse rod to add to your angling arsenal, then the blend of power and sensitivity that Korum have crafted into their 12ft All Rounder simply can’t be beaten. Order yours today, or pop into your local Angling Direct store to experience it for yourself.

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