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Thursday Focus - Shimano Reels

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Thursday Focus - Shimano Reels

Big Hits From Big Reels 

 Shimano. Even for non-anglers, the name has an echo of elite, rumours of their precision crafted perfection rippling through layers of personal interest and enthusiasm – and proving, once anglers themselves have one of these reels in their hands, to be more than accurate.

In the world of freight haulage, there's a saying that there are two kinds of truckers; those who have a Scania, and those who want one.  In angling, that saying could be equally applied to Shimano tackle; there are those who have the full Shimano kit, and those who want it.

Angling Direct have had the pleasure and privilege of visiting the Shimano factory in the past, and, once you're there, watching the process of creating the high-perrformance sports equipment Shimano are known for, it's not hard to see how their reels came to be such strong players across the angling scene.


No One Priced Out

 Peak performance doesn't have to be expensive. Brands like Shimano know that, if you can get a quality, affordable piece of equipment from them when you're first starting out, you'll be more likely to keep coming back to them as you progress through your sport, and start investing more money in the high performance gear that enables you to reach the heights of your performance.

We have a look at three quality Shimano reels, priced across the spectrum, so whether you've got money to burn,  or you're burning with anxiety about spending anything at all, you'll see that there's a fantastic piece of Shimano tackle waiting for you.


Shimano Catana FC Reel


Tell Me About It

 Katana, in it's true Japanese form, refers to any single-edged sword, although we typically associate it with the lethal style of the Samurai swords we've become familiar with through films.

 The Catana FC Reel brings that same beautiful, lethal style and performance to your fishing, giving you a reel whose desirability starts with the bold, blood red cosmetics that will look striking when mounted on your rod, and continues through the performance-focused specs, which include two shielded, stainless steel ball bearings, which give your reel a smooth feel, and extend its lifespan by limiting wear and tear, a roller bearing, with Varispeed line lay, which harnesses the power of your cast, and sends it smoothly through your line, ensuring a flawless presentation every time, even when you're casting out over distance, something that the Catana's AR-C spool ensures comes as naturally as looking up at a flock of birds turning cartwheels overhead, or gazing down as fish bubbles rise to the surface.

 A front drag reel, the Catana comes in 2500, 3000, and 4000 sizes, making it almost certain that you'll find a reel that works for your fishing.

 Built with class, this is a reel for all anglers, whether you're just starting out, or you simply appreciate a genuine, high quality, exemplary performance bargain.

What Do People Say?

Our angling customers love the smooth, reliable performance of this excellent reel, and they're always impressed with just how quickly we can get this premier piece of performance fishing tackle to them.

Key Features - Produces smooth performance - Offers exceptional value for money - 2 shielded stainless steel ball bearings - A roller bearing, with Varispeed line lay - Aluminium AR-C spool - Excellent all round reel

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Shimano AX FB Spinning Reel


Tell Me About It

 A quality, reliable reel for those taking their first steps into the angling world, but who still want an all round performance they can trust to deliver.

 Whether you're drop shotting, spinning for small, feisty fish like perch, or tackling any other kind of angling, this subtly striking spinning reel, with champagne gold cosmetics which are sure to turn heads on any venue, offers value for money, with a performance that's bound to impress.

 Varispeed ensures that this reel will give you long casts, perfect presentation, and smooth retrieves, while the Dyna Balance system works to counter the weight of a fish as you reel in, ensuring your line doesn't twist or shake, virtually eliminating the chance that your prospective catch will shake the hook on the journey in.

 This is a lightweight front drag reel that performs well above its price point, and offers a great entry to the thrills and challenges of all kinds of angling.


What Do People Say?

 This is a Shimano reel that more than lives up to all the promises inherent in that name. Our customers have found it an easy to use reel which gives quality performance for all their fishing needs.

Key Features - Varispeed - 1+1 Bearings - Retrieve Range (cm) 64-83 - Weight Range (g) 206-354 - Front drag - Drag Power Range (kg) 2-6 - Dyna balance

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Shimano Tekota Multiplier Reel


Tell Me About It

 A 4:2:1 gear ratio gives this powerful multiplier the smooth, slower retrieve that best suits the challenges of sea fishing, while a level wind ensures faultless line lay throughout your presentation and retrieve.

 This reel comes with a line counter, which gives you the ability to accurately target fish which feed at specific depths, allowing you to precisely tailor your fishing to the species you want, and give yourself the best chance of catching.

 With a die cast aluminium body, and cold forged aluminium spool, this hardwearing, high-performance multiplier reel is available in sizes 500 or 600, giving you a choice of performance perfection to suit your fishing needs.


What Do People Say?

One happy customer landed a 155g halibut off the coast of Norway with this reel, and was more than impressed with its performance throughout the cod fishing he'd gone to that country for.

 Other customers love the way this reel looks and handles, rating it as a great choice for the sea angler looking to go to the edge of all that's possible in their sport.

Key Features - Family Type: Multiplier - Models: 500 or 600 - Bearings: 3 A-RB + 1 Roller Bearing - Handle: Single steel power handle - Body material: Diecast aluminium - Spool material: Cold forged aluminium - Waterproof drag: No

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Shimano Reels: In Summary

 As you can see from this glimpse at the possibilities of their range, Shimano really do make a reel for every angler, and at Angling Direct, we're always happy to advise you on the best reel for your fishing. Whether you want to drop your first line into a local pond, or you're taking your sea fishing to foreign shores, have a look on our website, get in touch, and see what high-performance tackle we can offer you, from a range of respected  brands, as well as dynamic, emerging challengers.


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