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Thursday Focus- Trakker Tempest Advanced 100 Bivvy

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Thursday Focus- Trakker Tempest Advanced 100 Bivvy

You can rely on Trakker to provide you with a top-end bivvy, the brand has been doing so since the 1990’s and have built a reputation for high spec bivvies.

Enahnced by technological advances that angling tent technology has to offer, Trakker’s Tempest Advanced 100 Bivvy Shelter represents the new generation of Tempest Advanced Bivvies. The Tempest Bivvy sports many of the Trakker Bivvy features that anglers know and love whilst upgrading it with some impressive features.

Trakker’s exclusive Aquatexx material means that the fabric of the bivvy is super waterproof for withstanding the worst wind and rain that the UK can throw on an angler. The Aquatexx polyester offers a unique membrane with UPV40 protection level and is also incredibly breathable and hydrophobic so not only water bounces off this material but so does oils, keeping your bivvy cleaner and dryer. Breathability is an important feature of any shelter as you do not what this to be a tent full of condensation. It is especially important to have a breathable bivvy for use during the warmer months as you need both a cool and ventilated place to get some shade from the sun.

To assist with breathability, the bivvy sports an adaptive ventilation system that takes bankside comfort to the next level. The ventilation system works by maximising airflow through the shelter, which significantly reduces condensation. These vents come in the form of four large rear meshed areas that are built in conjunction with the Trakker insect panel (sold separately) to give anglers 360-degree ventilation. This is the perfect bivvy for the summer.

But this Tempest bivvy is not at all limited to summer or the warmer showers the UK offers. When the British weather starts to turn, especially in the autumn and winter months, this cleverly designed vent system can be propped half-open, allowing airflow without rain ingress. This also offers peace of mind should you wish to sleep in a well-ventilated shelter.

Trakker has a patented block design that enables the Tempest to be erected in seconds and once erected, the shelter is free-standing, this means you can get fishing quicker! The Advanced GRP Composite block is lightweight, super-strong and fatigue resistant so no matter how many times you hit the bank with this bivvy, the structure shall not let you down. The anti-twist pole system gives an ultra-quick, easy to use and assemble bivvy with small pack down a size (125L x 27W cm)

The patented design is not the only revolutionary feature of this bivvy. Previous bivvies, shelters and tents have been measured in a 1 man or 2 man specification but this doesn’t really give much of a gage of the exact amount of room an angler may have. Trakker has mixed things up by giving this bivvy the size specification of 100. A bivvy sized 100 is suitable for one bed and one angler with approximately 135H x 235D x 250W cm and the weight of 9.5kg.

The Tempest also gives carp anglers the option to fit a fully-enclosed, twin-skin inner capsule with stitched-in groundsheet and receiver pockets to truly maximise the internal space whilst remaining nimble enough to slot into all but the most compact of swims with its ingenious footprint.

With additional extras of dual rod straps to support your rods when pottering about the bank, a heavy-duty groundsheet to minimise mess inside your bivvy and a supplied zipped NXG carry bag with tension strap and T-pegs this is a bivvy to truly look out for on the fishing shelter market.

Buy the Trakker Tempest Advanced 100 Bivvy here

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