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Trakker Armo V4 Plus Bivvy - Tackle Tuesday

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Trakker Armo V4 Plus Bivvy - Tackle Tuesday

When hitting the bank by yourself, you need a fishing shelter built for spacious comfort and to withhold against the British climate. The Trakker Armo V4 Plus is a bivvy that means business, offers a host of features to make your stay at the bankside as enjoyable as possible.

Fishing Shelter Size

The Trakker V4 Plus Man Bivvy is the ultimate bankside shelter for the solo angler, offering a fourth generation of Trakker's popular bivvy design with a plus! The plus-size of the V4 bivvy is an impressive one-man bivvy from Trakker that gives the angler extra room for more luggage and gear. Great for weekend sessions.  The Trakker V4 Plus measurements comes in at 168cm x 295cm x 330cm, and transport size at just 115cm x 35cm.

Weatherproof Qualities

If you're looking weatherproof resilience, and a waterproof strength that can withstand any bankside storm, you'll find this Trakker bivvy is prepared. Made from high-quality Aquatexx material, the Armo V4 offers exceptional waterproof protection and complete comfort in any weather.  Structure-wise, the bivvy uses twist-lock frame supports which offer improved stability, and a reinforced design you can trust in any situation. The dual zip doors, which feature tie backs and side panels, provide the option of a letterbox style opening, so you can stay dry while you fish in wet weather, or rolling back the canvas and enjoying the warmth of summer sun on brighter days.  A heavy-duty groundsheet is included that helps keep you and your gear clean and dry.

A bivvy is not just shelter from the rain and wind but sunshine too. Fishing in the summer can make some bankside shelters heat traps, but the Armo uses Adaptive Ventilation Technology that keeps you cool whilst reducing condensation, by ensuring a ready flow of air throughout the shelter. This comfort-enhancing design makes the V4 Armo a good choice for long-stay carp campaigns, giving you a genuine home from home experience, however long you're out for. Additionally, the front peak is removable, simply zipping off when you don't need it, and zipping back on when you want a little extra shelter, or could do with a handy patch of shade.

Trakker Bivvy Bonuses

As well as being great in all climates, easy to set up and giving you plenty of bankside shelter space, the Armo Plus comes with dual rod straps externally which provide convenient tackle storage that helps maximise the space inside your bivvy. 

Weighing in at under 20kg, including groundsheet and pegs, this huge plus size bivvy will be easy to get out to your favourite spot, even when you've got a full luggage load.

The Trakker's Plus range offers the option to enhance the performance and comfort of your bivvy with a twin-skin inner capsule, which comes complete with bite alarm receiver pockets, a bivvy overwrap, and clear windows that are ideal when you want to watch and wait in comfort; all of these accessories can be ordered online from Angling Direct.

Why buy the Trakker Armo V4 Plus Bivvy?

Giving you plenty of space for several days at the water's edge, and classically styled in olive green, this robust, resilient, fully waterproof bivvy is a must-buy for committed carp anglers who want to stay comfortable while they're fishing, and need plenty of space for an effective tackle set up.  With the Plus Bivvy, there's no need to choose between fishing and comfort – you can have both in one high-quality, ultra-durable shelter option.

When you're heading out for a run of nights, pitting yourself and your wits against the fish and the elements, comfort becomes paramount, giving you the motivation to keep going when it seems like a lost cause – which is usually just at the point that everything turns around and gets back on track.  When you're doing battle with specimen carp, go plus-size; set up for your angling session with the Trakker V4 Plus Bivvy.

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