Tuesday Tackle- Daiwa 19 TDR Distance 25QD

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Tuesday Tackle- Daiwa 19 TDR Distance 25QD

Calling all the feeder anglers than love a big pit casting reel, this Distance reel from Daiwa will certainly provide! Daiwa have built a reputation for engineering market-leading reels, it is no surprise considering they have been making reels to exacting Japanese standards since 1958. Daiwa work with expert consultants dedicated to each fishing niche to assist in the best possible fishing experience with its reels.

The Daiwa TDR reel instantly catches anglers attention for its beautiful Royal Blue and Gold colour scheme, bringing a sense of elegance and sophistication to the sport. The Daiwa 19 TDR 25QD is no different from TDR reels as it also sports the instantly recognisable colourway. The TDR 19 is the ultimate big pit feeder reel and delivers unsurpassed casting ability when on the lake with a 4.7:1 gear ratio that resonances its power on the water.

The main body of the TDR reel is constructed from zaion, while ordinary carbon is made of nylon 6-6 resin and carbon fibres at 20%, zaion boasts twice the density of carbon fibres. The result is a unique material that is as strong as magnesium. A zaion body is 25% lighter than its equivalent in magnesium and 50% lighter than aluminium.

However, the spool is the more conventional aluminium and features a highly impressive HIP line clip which moves very slightly on impact to combat line damage. The spool is also fitted with a Daiwa Quick Drag (QD) system, enabling you to adjust the drag with the smallest revolution of the quick drag wheel. Daiwa suggest using a 0.28mm-150m monofilament line or a 0.18mm-200m braid with this reel.

Like most Daiwa reels these days, the TDR is fitted with the Air Rotor technology that Daiwa have pioneered. The machine cut aluminium handle on the Daiwa Emblem utilises a one touch folding wishbone style handle, the 70mm machined aluminium not only looks fantastic but its ‘wind down’ locking ensures even greater power transmission from winding.

The Daiwa 19 TDR is a great choice for modern anglers.

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