Wednesday Review - Advanta Method Feeders

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Wednesday Review - Advanta Method Feeders

Methodical Advantage With Advanta Method Feeders

Advanta is a brand born of a passion for angling, that has grown alongside the sport, always looking ahead to what's next for dynamic angling tactics, tackle, techniques, and ambitions. With method feeding becoming an increasingly popular and effective tactic on a range of waters, and anglers looking for feeders that they can apply to their individual styles and set ups, Advanta have created a range of method feeders that really are sized to suit everyone.

Starting at a precise, targeted 15g, that's perfect for giving small silverfish enough to get their attention, and creating a shoal of activity around your peg that will hopefully allow you to bag a winning haul, and taking you right up to an impressive 60g, which will give larger carp plenty to be getting on with while you make the most of a dynamic, complex approach that's all but guaranteed to succeed, there's a method feeder to suit everyone, at a price that means you could order a couple of feeders in every size, and still have plenty of change for some quality bait.


Targeted Versatility

Method feeders have long been match angling's best-kept secret. Allowing you to pack bait around your hook, method feeding means you can send a sizeable amount of groundbait out to a precise target, such as a mid-lake feature or weed bed, creating a steady stream of bait that will keep fish feeding, and increase the chances of your hook – which is part of the method feeder set up – being picked up.

With carp anglers starting to take more notice of method feeding's potential, now's a good time to get ahead of the explosion of popularity that we're sure is going to come to set the scene for method feeding, and stock up on all the method feeders your angling could need.

Key Features:

-Camouflage finish blends with lake beds

-Larger than most method feeders on the market

-Flat bottom design for maximum stability

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