Wednesday Review… Drennan Red Range RX Carp 13m Pole

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Wednesday Review… Drennan Red Range RX Carp 13m Pole

Trusted match tackle company Drennan International know a thing or two about producing top- quality poles, and as the landscape of fishing changes so does the make-up of its pole range.

New from the company comes the Red Range RX Carp in 13 metres, and what’s fantastic about this pole is that it’s purpose-built for use on modern commercial fisheries. The team at Drennan has spent a lot of time developing a focused 13m pole, rather than just scaling down a larger length product, meaning the company hasn’t cut corners in the design and manufacturing process.

To get to the point, this pole is bang on for most of the small commercial waters that are so popular right now.

Another great reason to have an RX in your armoury is the sheer volume of extras that come with it. First of all your get three carp kits with puller kits built in and you also receive roller cones, making playing and landing fish a really smooth experience.

EVA nose cones are provided for your No2 and No3 sections, while useful skid bungs are also in the pack to help protect the butt of your pole when you’re shipping back. Two cupping kit adaptors and a Polemaster pole pot ensure your feeding is on point and eight side pull beads, six internal PTFE bushes and a roller cone extractor rod means this is certainly a pole setup not lacking in value for money.

Maybe the RX Carp doesn’t look the sharpest on the bank, but who cares when performance and value for money is this good.

“A well-balanced, dedicated commercial pole that will cater for almost all of your needs for this style of fishing. Responsive and ready to cope with all species a commercial can throw at you, plus you get tons of extras all at a reasonable price. Happy days!

Drennan Red Range Carp Pole-2 Inside - 13m pole including Carp Kit - 2x spare top two Carp Kits - 3x Roller Cones Extractor Rod - 2x Skid Bungs - EVA Nose Cone for No3 - 6x PTFE Bushes - 8x Side Pull Beads - Polemaster Pole Pot - 2x Cupping Kit Adaptors - Wipe-clean Nylon Bag

Highlights - True-length 13m pole - Nine sections reinforced sections throughout - Extra long reinforcement to No2 section - Durable construction - Weighs just 1,150g on average at 13m - Weighs just 795g on average at 11.3m - Factory fitted Side Pull Slots, Side Pull System included - Spare sections are available, including Carp Kits and Cupping Kits

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