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Wednesday Review - JRC Extreme Carp Cradle

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Wednesday Review - JRC Extreme Carp Cradle

While it may seem a little over the top in terms of thickness, depth, and padding for your typical carp fishing jaunt, the JRC Extreme Carp Cradle can’t be beaten for safely handling the larger specimens you’ll find when you go fishing on the Continent. On home banks, it stands up well to lively fish, the deeper sides ensuring that your new personal best doesn’t come a cropper by flipping itself out of your cradle, and onto a rough bankside. If you’re targeting larger specimens, or you want to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of every fish you catch, then this carp cradle is designed, sized, and styled to suit you, and to suit your fishing. A robust aluminium frame gives a hefty sturdiness that ensures the JRC carp cradle will hold up well on any terrain, and in any weather, making it the perfect choice for active carpers who find themselves facing a different bank every weekend, as well as those anglers who frequently travel to European venues, whether for competitions or just for their own enjoyment. The adjustable height legs come in really handy on rocky banksides, and when you’re fishing from uneven wooden platforms, as well as ensuring that the cradle’s comfortable for anglers of all ages and sizes to use. Made from durable 420D polyester, the JRC Extreme Carp Cradle is fitted with convenient side drainage holes, and also features a small pocket, handy for storing tools and carp care essentials. The cradle’s cover can be used as a kneeling mat, which helps ensure that using the carp cradle is as comfortable for you as its padded support is for the fish.


Stand Out Success Offering the best protection for your proudest catches, this carp cradle provides a rugged versatility that recommends it for any angling lifestyle, and makes it a great choice for fishing holidays on venues, and in countries, where large carp are the order of the day. While it may seem a little on the large side, any angler who’s ever had to try and catch a particularly lively fish mid-flip will know that, when it comes to large carp, and particularly those that aren’t caught often, the deeper the sides of your cradle, the better! With the protection needed to safely show off and photograph your prime catch, this is a stand out piece of carp care that’s the perfect partner for all your stand out angling successes.

Home Or Away Whether you’re taking advantage of the adjustable legs and sturdy aluminium frame on rugged British shores, or you’re looking forward to laying one of the big beasts of the Continent safely down in deep, padded protection, the JRC Extreme Carp Cradle is definitely worth the extra weight on your barrow. Once you’re at the water’s edge, it’s easy to set up, and ensures that nothing detracts from the action and achievements of your session. Whether you’re fishing at home or abroad, this carp cradle from JRC is an angling essential that will stand the test of time – why not pop into your local Angling Direct store, and take a closer look, or order yours online today?

Key Features - Strong aluminium frame - Padded matress - fully foldable - Easy set up - 2 extending legs for easy levelling - Small drainage holes on each side - Full cover that can be used as a kneeling mat - Small outer pocket for unhooking accessories - Supplied in a nylon carrybag - 420D 100% polyester

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