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Wednesday Review - Korda Kontour Flurocarbon

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Wednesday Review - Korda Kontour Flurocarbon

The search is over! Korda have added a great addition to the tackle collection which will tick off your mainline needs! The Kontour fluorocarbon mainline boasts a range of features that Korda have been working on for three years. It is now practically the only fluorocarbon that Korda lead-man Danny Fairbrass uses!

We, here at Angling Direct agree that the Kontour really is a quality fluorocarbon. It has the best sink rate in its class and certainly feels quality. As the growth in popularity of fluorocarbon lines, Korda have created the ulitimate line for stealth angling with an incredible invisibilty under the surface thanks to having the same refractive index as water, so it bends light like a liquid! The Kontour line vanishes in the water, making it a preferred choice for anglers fishing in clear waters whilst targeting easily spooked fish.

The Korda fluorocarbon line is incredibly dense, making it sinks exceptionally well in water, so it is great for pinning bait to the lake or river bed, even with weightless setups! The heaviness of the line is thanks to the tightly packed molecular structure which makes it sink like a brick! This makes fluorocarbon line a very popular choice of leader for fishing with bottom baits, as it offers a combination of invisibility and weight.

Despite its ability to sink, the Kontour is exceptionally supple ensuring that it can peel off your reel flawlessly. This makes the line cast long distances like a dream so you can target huge carp at with up to 100 yards distance with accuracy and confidence, especially when paired with the right reel.

The Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline is only available in a single breaking strain, 12lbs. This is an unusual move when compared to the varied breaking strengths that competitor lines offer angler. Nonetheless, the Korda team retort that after testing that 12lbs is the perfect breaking strain for the most carp fishing uses, even when battling with huge fish in snaggy situations!

The only concern some anglers may have is the supplied spool size of 200m as you may have to use backing on your spool. Although it is a touch more expensive than traditional monofilament the results you can achieve with this line are more than worth the extra initial investment. It will also last a lot longer than traditional monofilament line too, so your reinvestment costs are ultimately going to be lower.

Perfect for slack line fishing, the Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon is incredibly supple, allowing it to stick to the undulating lake bed with ease, as well sporting exceptional sensitivity as it only slightly stretches during playing with a fish. This makes it easier to read gentler takes from the bank.

Despite its suppleness, the Korda mainline is an extremely tough and abrasion resistant line. This gives it a longevity that other similar lines simply cannot offer and it is the perfect tool for the hardcore angler who spends a lot of time on the bank, week in and week out. To make the line last you plenty of angling sessions, Danny Fairbrass advises that you keep it clean., wiping all the dirt and grit from the waters off as you wind your line back up.

As a final feature, the Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline offers incredible knotting strength. This means that you never need to worry about your rig separating from your mainline, even when you’re trying to pull in a 40lb carp through dense weed or lily pads.


From the rod tip to your terminal end, this line should be on the bed of whichever venue you’re targeting!

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