Wednesday Review... Preston Pole Elastic

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Wednesday Review... Preston Pole Elastic

Preston Pole Elastic Review - Prolonged Power!

Matt Godfrey from Match Fishing Magazine explains why he uses Preston Innovations Dura Hollo and Slip elastic for all of his fishing.

I’ve always out a lot of thought into elastic choice. Over the years I’ve tried most of them but now use just two kinds for all of my fishing – Preston Innovations’ Original Slip and Dura Hollo.

When small Roach are the quarry, a no.3 Slip is unbeatable. It’s initially soft, allowing you to quickly ship back without worrying about were the fish is, but will soon power up and allow you to swing chunky 3oz fish to hand.

Preston Pole Elastic 2

When a real mixed bag is on the cards, or on days when there’s the possibility of hooking a bonus Perch or Bream, a single no.5 through a full top three kit is perfect. You can set this fairly ‘pingy’ so it always retracts into the pole and it still remains soft enough to handle small fish.

The other grade of Slip that I use is a no.6. This comes into play in deep water when using heavier floats for small fish. You often need to strike into the weight of the rig before you connect with a fish and the extra bit of power offered by a no.6 is enough to set the hook properly.

Three grades of Dura Hollo cover me for 99 percent of my commercial fishing and also come into play when I need extra power on natural venues. No.8 Dura is perfect for winter F1 work. A great tactic on commercials is to fish chopped worms and casters at close range to catch a mixture of silver fish, F1s and an odd Carp. No.8 is perfect for this too.

For small Carp and F1s, I love the No.10 Dura. I even use it when shallow fishing for big Carp. They don’t know that they’re hooked until you get them back to the net with a puller kit.


No.12 Dura is perfect for Carp work and fishing down the edge. I recently threaded my kits up with this for the World Club Championships in Slovenia. After two weeks’ fishing in temperatures to 39C, the very tip of my elastic next to my Dacron connector had just started to erode. I thought about changing it for the match but when I couldn’t break it with my own hands I felt no need. I’m still using the same kits now!

Preston Innovations Original Slip Elastic Supplied in: 5m Available in sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 Blog-Buy-Now1

Preston Innovations Dura Hollo Supplied in: 3m Available in sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 Blog-Buy-Now1

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