Wednesday Review- Rive ST D36 Dream Pack Seat Box

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Wednesday Review- Rive ST D36 Dream Pack Seat Box

Meet Your Match

Match anglers who dream of unrivalled success, are you sitting comfortably? If you're not, you could be soon, with this dream-fulfilling seat box choice from those fun, lively folk with all the bright ideas out at Rive.

Having everything to hand in a compact, comfortable, and durable seat box storage option is the surest way to turn even the most disappointing peg draw into a flyer, and enjoy the match of your dreams on any venue.

Rive ST D36 Dream Pack Seat Box

If you’re in the market for the seat box of your dreams then you need look no further than this offering from Rive. In a stunning black colour with Rive’s trademark aqua highlights, this really is the crème de la crème of the entire Rive seat box range – which is high praise indeed for the seat box specialist brand and you can be confident that when you invest in this product you’re getting something really special.

The Rive ST D36 Dream Pack Seat Box is built on Rive’s classic aluminium frame. Rive favours aluminium in its seat box construction thanks to its dual properties of being both lightweight and heavy duty. This is because the brand favours durability and all its tackle it manufactured to last a lifetime on the bank. However, it also understands that, on a practical level, you need to be able to easily manoeuvre this seat box down to the bank. Aluminium allows the brand to offer both in one spectacular package.


This seat box operates on Rive’s OPEN system. This is a stirrup system which, uniquely, allows you to remove legs on your box whilst on the bank. The OPEN system ensures that you can enjoy ultimate versatility on the bank, ensuring that you can swap your accessories in and out on the bank with ease and agility. Two of the legs on the seat box operate on the OPEN telescopic system and you can modify these between 420mm and 720mm. A further two of the legs are also standard telescopic, once again operating between 420mm and 720mm, and the final two legs are fixed at 420mm. All of the legs are 36mm in diameter, ensuring that they are completely compatible with the full range of D36 seat box accessories. This is just the beginning of the box’s versatility features, however, and it has also been fitted with a HSP system footplate. This system uses two quarter turn locks, which allow you to position the footplate in four different positions. The combination of HSP and OPEN system ensures that this is an extremely adaptable system which allows you to modify and adjust this seat box to suit your needs.

The Rive ST D36 Dream Pack Seat Box also comes pre-fitted with two of  Rive’s incredible drawer systems. The first of these is a front drawer, which is 60mm deep. This is the perfect drawer for the storage of a range of your most essential tackle items which you want to be able to access at a moments notice on the bank. The second drawer is 30mm deep and is accessed from the side of the box. This allows you ample room to add in any additional drawer or trays systems that you might like to include in your setup. This again improves the versatility of the chair and it ensures that you’re able to adapt and modify your seat box for your personal use on the bank.

Make sure your angling dreams come true with this bold, practical, and durable seat box – and turn any peg into a flyer.

Key Features:

- OPEN Stirrup leg system - Durable aluminium frame - Seat box cover - 4 lock-in position options - Engraved plaque allows for personalisation of your Rive seat box

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