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Winter Bait Guide: How To Make The Perfect Winter Spod Mix

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Winter Bait Guide: How To Make The Perfect Winter Spod Mix

With the temperatures dropping this time of year, the waters are cooler and the fish need a bit more encouragement to leave those warm pockets of water. Choice of bait plays a huge part in the colder mither that is why this winter spod mix will help to attract a number of species to your swim and thanks to the visual enhancement from the maggots and sweetcorn liquid, it could be the difference between a winter carp and a blank session.

Let's start by listing everything you need for this bait mix:

Spomb Midi

Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hempseed Tin 700g

CC Moore Live System Shelf Life Boilies

RidgeMonkey Green Bait Spoon

CC Moore Live System Pellets

CC Moore Liquid Sweetcorn 500ml

Alternatively, you can check out our dedicated page on the Angling Direct website for this mix.



In the AD Quick Bites video below, we show you how to prepare the perfect winter spod mix in 7 easy steps!




Step-by-step How to make the winter spod mix:

1. Start by taking your krusha and Live system boilies.

2. Crush the boilies with the krusha into a mixing bowl

3. Select your Live system pellets.

4. Add to the mix.

5. Then add your hemp.

6. Select your liquid sweetcorn and add a good glug to the mix.

7. Finally, add your maggots and mix together using your bait spoon.


With the mix made, you are ready to spod in your chosen area! If you want some spodding tips, check our guide on the AD blog!

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