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As much as we’d like to think we’ll be on our feet all day at the bank, reeling in catch after catch, unfortunately this isn’t the case – for any of us. You can be the finest angler in the world and still spend the majority of your day sat waiting for a fish to take! The bank side might be pleasant enough to sit on for a one off summer afternoon, but the rest of the time we think you’ll probably be after something a little more comfortable. That’s why we stock an excellent range of chairs, all of which we have especially selected for their comfort and additional features.

Here at Angling Direct, we understand the importance of remaining as relaxed and comfortable as possible when trying to land that catch of a lifetime. After all, it’s not as if the carp you’re trying to outsmart are in any real hurry to make your acquaintance, so why not relax in the lap of relative luxury in the meantime? Not only this, but being uncomfortable on the bank directly translates into fewer catches at the end of a session – not least because your carp fishing session is likely to be much shorter if you’re constantly fidgeting trying to get comfortable.

We take fishing seriously, but not as seriously as we take comfort and enjoyment. Angling is meant to be a hobby, not a chore. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to put together a unique range of fishing chairs and other angling hardware designed to make every fishing excursion the relaxing and enjoyable outing it deserves to be. Not only do we stock one of the largest selections of quality angling chairs in the UK, but we only stock products of the highest quality that we ourselves are willing to put our own name and backing to.

Our own brand Advanta range sits proudly alongside the worlds leading names in angling comfort and performance, including Shakespeare, Trakker, Nash, and so many more. When looking for a purely functional fishing chair suitable to park yourself on for a short session or even the most indulgent of chairs for day-long comfort and refinement, you can trust that Angling Direct will have the perfect product for you.

Not only do we stock free standing chairs, complete with all the bells, whistles and armrests, but we also supply chairs to attach to a bed. In this way you don’t need to worry about bringing along an extra, potentially bulky, bit of kit down to the bank. Instead you can simply modify the fantastic bedchair that you’ve already invested in. If you’re only popping down to the bank or beach for a couple of hours, we also stock a range of small highly portable chairs, that will more than suffice for the few hours angling you’ve snatched from the day.

Our ultimate goal is to make buying the world’s best fishing hardware as easy and rewarding as possible for anglers of all styles and at all levels. As life-long anglers ourselves, we know what matters on the bank. Comfort is a much larger part of angling than non-anglers realise, and it can make all the difference when you have to jump up quickly to land the fish of a life time.

Angling Direct: Serious about your fishing…

Best Fishing Chairs and Bed Chairs

Most styles of fishing, especially specialist and carp angling is as much a waiting game as it is a skill sport. To be sat on the bankside grass for a couple of hours is all well and good but a fishing chair can transform your angling experience and long gone are the days of numb bums and stiff backs thanks to our range of premier chairs. 

What Do I Need in a Fishing Chair?

Although all the chairs in our collection are world-class products that we proudly use on the bank ourselves, there are a couple of things that you ought to bear in mind such as: the padding, frame support, size, back support, arm rests, leg and reclining adjustability. Read more details on what to look for in your fishing chair in our dedicated guide to Fishing Chairs.

Not only are there plenty of fishing chair types to choose from but great brands too, to ensure that no matter which of our products you choose you’re going to be getting the perfect tool for you. That’s why you’ll see names like Fox, Trakker, and Nash in our stellar collection of chairs for carp fishing. Advanta is the brand we’re proud to call our own, and all the chairs and bedchair buddies in our range are top quality products that offer exceptional value for money.

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