Advanta Saturday- The Advanta Discovery CX Rehab Cradle Unhooking Mat

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Advanta Saturday- The Advanta Discovery CX Rehab Cradle Unhooking Mat

Fish Care Advantage With Advanta

When you're landing large carp or other specimen fish, you want to ensure they're returned to the water in the best possible condition, ready to swim off, and provide other anglers with plenty of spirited fight and challenge on another day.

The Advanta Discovery CX Rehab Cradle Unhooking Mat is the ideal way to look after your catch on the bank, and ensure it's returned safely to the water. There are few things better than watching a fish in prime condition swim away strongly, and the Discovery Rehab Cradle from Advanta ensures you can enjoy that experience with every catch.


What's On Offer?

Delivering exceptional quality fish care for all species and specimens, including large carp, the cradle provides great protection during retention, thanks to a semi-rigid mattress and walls. A full mesh underside allows total, straightforward drainage and water exchange, and ensures that the rehab cradle will dry quickly.

Folding down to a compact transport size, the cradle includes double grab handles which provide a secure, stable strength when you're transporting retained carp. A retaining flap, fastened with Velcro, ensures your fish is kept in the cradle during transport, and, when the cradle is used to retain fish in the water, opening the flap allows the fish to swim away quickly and easily once it has recovered sufficiently.


Available in Lite, Standard, and XL sizes, the Advanta Discovery CX Rehab Cradle is the perfect choice for responsible carp angling.

Key Features:

. Mesh underside for total drainage

. Semi-rigid walls and mattress

. Velcro fastening retaining flap

. Compact transport size

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