Advanta Discovery CX Rehab Cradle Review

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Advanta Discovery CX Rehab Cradle Review

The first time I looked at the mat in the shop was after someone had already put it together. I asked how much it was and was told £44.99. I think my reaction was somewhere along the lines of 'Bloody hell, thats mega value for that!'

I then started to have a look at the mat in detail. The first thing I noticed were the 2 kneeling mats. There was a small mat one side that neatly velcroed onto the side and then another one built into the main cover. On one end was then a pocket that was perfect to store a towel, forceps, anticeptic etc.

Advanta-Discovery-Rehab-Cradle-1 Advanta-Discovery-Rehab-Cradle

This is a fairly big mat, more than capable of safely holding fish well in excess of 50lb, but it also folds down into a neat bag which makes it very versatile for storage and also doubling up as a carry bag should you want to go stalking or move swims in a hurry.

Once in use, the way a safety weigh sling, an Advanta safety weigh sling in this case, sits inside the mat is perfect. When you transfer a fish onto the mat in the landing net, all you need to do is remove the net and you are ready to weigh your fish straight away. Once weighed, the cover just provides an extra safety measure while you get the final things sorted for the photos, in my case, I moved the fish a few feet to a better looking background.

Advanta-Discovery-Rehab-Cradle-2 Advanta-Discovery-Rehab-Cradle-4

Once photographed, this cover goes back over and the whole lot can be moved back to the waters edge, where you can then lift the fish back out of the mat, now in the zipped up weigh sling so that you can safely return it.

Overall, after using it, I stick with my initial reaction that this is indeed a cracking unhooking mat which offers exceptional value for money!

Key Features Compact size Semi-rigid mattress and walls Underside mesh for total drainage Retaining flap with velcro fastenings Double grab handles Dimensions: 100cm x 70cm x 26cm (XL) approx

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