An Effective Rod Pod for Carp Fishing - Advanta Discovery RVS 3 Rod Pod

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An Effective Rod Pod for Carp Fishing - Advanta Discovery RVS 3 Rod Pod

If you're a carp angler, then you know that having an effective rod pod is essential for getting the most out of your fishing trips. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the Advanta Discovery RVS 3 Rod Pod, a pod that has been designed specifically for carp fishing. We'll discuss its features and how it can help you catch more carp. So if you're looking for a new rod pod, be sure to read on!


How Do Fishing Rod Pods Work?

Rod Rods, like the Advanta Discovery RVS 3 Rod Pod work by using the extendable legs of the rod pod. These legs make it possible to set up in any condition. With four legs, all with adjustable settings, you can adapt the rod pod depending on what type of terrain you are fishing at. Carp fishing rod pods ensure that your fishing rod will always be level with whatever surface below, getting the most of any angling session and fishing peg.

A rod pod is an essential accessory, that provides exceptional stability regardless of how demanding or challenging the terrain may be. From waterlogged lakesides to the steepest of river banks, the Advanta Discovery RVS 3 Rod Pod has what it takes to make sure you succeed. Ensuring your carp rods stay safe, secure, and free from damage when at the bankside is high on the priority list for most anglers. Nothing can dampen the spirits of an angler more than their very expensive rod ending up damaged or even worth, lost into the waters.



How Do You Place Your Fishing Rods in the Rod Pod?

You can put your fishing rods on this rod pod either at a lower angle or you can switch it around and stick it up almost vertically. Extremely versatile, the RVS 3 rod pod can be used in near-vertical or horizontal settings and is ideal for either river or lake fishing. This is thanks to the rod pod’s dual rail main frame that provides great stability for your rod and attached bite alarms. This rod pod will hold 3 rods and is therefore perfect for any modern carp anglers who enjoy a triple rod set-up. 

Length and height adjustments can be made using easy-to-use cam locks that keep everything securely in place. The rod pod length ranges at 96-167cm, its horizontal height settings range at 28-48cm, the upright position height settings front is 50-144cm and the upright position height settings rear measure between 17-53cm. There are actually 5 position leg systems for ultimate versatility as the pod comes supplied with four 30-49cm and two 114cm-185cm adjustable legs.


What Size Buzz Bars Do I Need?

Good news! The correct-sized buzz bars for this rod pod are included! The Advanta rod pod comes complete with 36cm front and 33.5cm rear buzz bars, giving you the ability to fish with a goal post setup. The buzz vars height settings can soon be adjusted to suit your terrain and fishing environment with the hand wheel. Buzz bars are strengthened by the dual anti-twist buzz bar support arms so you can use the pod confidently.


What are Rod Pods Made of?

Boasting a lightweight aluminium construction of just 3.5kg, this rod pod is light enough to carry to the bankside without the previous weight and concerns steel banksticks posed. This Advanta rod pod is nicely finished with three butt caps and can be neatly packed away in the supplied padded carry case which measures 114cm L x 23cm H.


Features of the Discovery RVS 3 Rod Pod:


  • Extremely versatile pod for either river or lake fishing
  • Can be used in near vertical or horizontal settings
  • Complete with front (36cm) & rear (33.5cm) buzz bars
  • Dual rail main frame for great stability
  • Hand wheel adjustment for the buzz bars height settings
  • Lightweight Aluminium construction
  • Dual anti-twist buzz bar support arms
  • Cam locks for easy length and height adjustment

Why Choose an Advanta Rod Pod?

Advanta now covers a great range of key products, designed and manufactured to our exacting standards, offering superb performance and value to help enhance your angling experience even more. When asking, how much does a rod pod cost? The answer does not always need to be a crazy figure in order to have a high-performing, reliable piece of bankware. For those anglers that want the most out of their money, look no further than the Advanta Discovery RVS 3 Rod Pod.

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