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Advanta Saturday-Advanta Protector 2 Man Bivvy and Wrap

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Advanta Saturday-Advanta Protector 2 Man Bivvy and Wrap

Shelter In Style

For carp anglers, a good quality bivvy is an essential piece of kit, giving you the freedom to take a campaign down to the water's edge for several days at a time, without compromising on comfort. As a brand born from carp angling enthusiasm, professional knowledge, and personal expertise gained through practical experience, Advanta know how to give carp anglers exactly what they want, which is why all our bivvies and bankside shelters are built to create a stylish first impression, backed up by performance comfort and convenience.

Advanta Protector 2 Man Bivvy


Whether you're fishing with a friend or family member, or simply want a little extra space to yourself, the spacious internal footprint of the Advanta Protector 2 Man Bivvy makes it a desirable addition to any angling lifestyle, and the perfect choice for any active carp angler.

Front and rear mozzie mesh vents keep your bivvy cool, and keep summer bankside pests at bay, while a 5000mm hydrostatic head, and the durability of 210D nylon mean this bivvy stands up well to any weather, wherever you're fishing.

At 150cm (h) x 313cm (w) x 277cm (d), the protector is the perfect size for a no-limits campaign, but won't feel overwhelming if you're just fishing a few nights on your own. Reinforced pegging points allow you to set yourself up with a firm face against any storm, and the Nash T pegs that come supplied with the Protector bivvy are designed for enduring hold, and rugged grip. The bivvy comes with a lightweight groundsheet, and is supplied in a convenient zipped carry case.

At just 9kg, this bivvy is easy to load and unload, convenient to carry down to the bank, and crafted for year round comfort.

Protection, All Wrapped Up

Designed specifically for the Advanta Protector 2 Man Bivvy, this durable bivvy wrap is an effective second skin all year round, helping to reduce condensation and keep your bivvy dry in autumn and winter, and ensuring summer coolness inside when the weather's warmer.

The pegging points on the overwrap match those of the Protector bivvy; while the wrap doesn't come supplied with ground pegs, this does allow you to use the T pegs supplied with the bivvy to secure both bivvy and bivvy wrap for weather resistance, and reliable comfort. Tension shock cords give a flexible strength, holding the bivvy firm against storms, and ensuring it won't be uprooted if a run for your rods late at night sends you crashing into your bivvy, having tripped over something on the bank.

With the same 5000mm hydrostatic head as the bivvy, this wrap creates a practical porch area, as well as providing additional protection, shelter, and comfort in any weather.

Key Features


- Front and rear mozzie mesh vents

- Reinforced pegging points

- 5000mm hydrostatic head

- Extremely spacious

- Supplied with Nash T Pegs


- Designed to match the bivvy 

- Weather protection and additional porch area

- Tension shock cords

-5000mm hydrostatic head

Get the best bankside protection, order the Advanta Protector 2 Man Bivvy online now, or buy from your local Angling Direct store.

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