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Advanta Saturday- Advanta X5 Match Barrow

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta X5 Match Barrow

Whether you’re an avid carp angler, a regular on the match circuit or a novice that enjoys a spot of pleasure fishing, the chances are you have amassed quite the arsenal of fishing tackle. Transporting your mountain of gear from boot to bank can be a tedious inconvenience without a tackle trolley and with a wealth of options available choosing the right one can be challenging, let alone justifying the price. Angling Direct have come up with a solution to this problem with the Advanta X5 match barrow, with all the redeeming features of a high-end barrow but at an affordable price, the X5 will get you and all your gear to your chosen swim with minimal fuss.

The Advanta X5 has a compact design and is easily assembled, which means it won’t take up loads of room in your boot and you won’t be fiddling around assembling it in the carpark for ages.


Unlike some seat box trolleys, the X5 Match Barrow with its barrow design allows for a broad based, extra-large loading bay capable of moving your bivvy, chair, rod holdall, landing net and all other larger items to your swim all in one trip - load it up, lock the car and away you go.

During transit to your chosen peg the generous loading bay will safely secure all of your tackle meaning you won’t have to stop and pick up half your tackle from the dew sodden bank and reload your barrow half-way to your swim.

Fitted to the handlebar section of the barrow is a large saddle bag, capable of storing all of your smaller items; lead bags, cooking stove, food bag and spare reels. Atop the bag is a bar wrapped in foam composite, allowing you to rest your rods on without the worry of potentially damaging them during transit.

At the end of your session, once the car is loaded, the X5 Match Barrow is quick and easy to dismantle, perfect if you’ve got somewhere to be.

Buy the Advanta X5 Match Barrow here

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