Angling Direct and Korda's Waste Initiative

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Angling Direct and Korda's Waste Initiative

At Angling Direct we have taken the initiative when it comes to waste. In an effort to decrease our waste output AD have teamed up with Korda to reduce the amount of transit packaging used in our business relationship.

In simple terms, Angling Direct usually receive 3 pallets of tackle each week from Korda, on average each of these pallets contain 40 cardboard boxes, each secured with 1.4m of tape. That’s 120 cardboard boxes and 168 metres of tape, each week.

Once new tackle enters the AD warehouse, the smaller items are stored in tote boxes, primed and ready to be picked and dispatched as and when your online orders are placed.

After discussions with Korda, both companies decided that our business operations would be far more efficient and environmentally conscious if AD were to provide Korda with our tote boxes, so that Korda could transport tackle to the AD warehouse in these tote boxes.

Not only would this save warehouse staff at both ends time when packing and unpacking tackle, but more importantly it would save an unprecedented amount of transit packaging wastage.

Thanks to our mutual efforts, Korda are now saving 672m of tape each month, that’s as tall as 16,800 Korda Tackle Boxes!

Both Angling Direct and Korda wish to set the standard for the fishing tackle industry in terms of what we can do to ensure minimal wastage. As suppliers of fishing tackle we feel it is our duty to protect the UK's waterways from plastics and recyclables, minimising our use of tape and cardboard is equally important to our business operations and we welcome similar agreements with other tackle brands.
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