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Angling Direct's Get into Fishing Campaign Success

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Angling Direct's Get into Fishing Campaign Success

As National Fishing Month 2020 has come to an end, so has the Angling Direct ‘Get Into Fishing campaign’ where our AD store gave out free whip kits to under 16’s. This amazing promotion finally came to an end on Sunday 6th September so young anglers can no longer collect a free whip once spending £10 in our stores.

Although the event is over to collect a free whip, we are so pleased with the amount under 16’s across the country that now has their very own pole! In total, we, here at Angling Direct, gave away 6,072 fishing poles! To celebrate this amazing success of the whip promotion, tell us your success stories with these pole kits over the summer holidays!

Angling Success!

We have already been notified by one happy angler, Simon of their success with the Get into Fishing free whip kit.

‘As a keen angler I tend to pop into Angling Direct occasionally as it's on my way home from work, a few weeks ago I was there with my 8-year-old granddaughter and you had an offer on, if you spend £10 or more you get a free whip, bait and setup.

So, after an ear-bashing from my granddaughter we picked up a whip for her, I then took her fishing down the local canal. A brilliant evening pulled out roach after roach, Lily totally loved it, had to take her every evening for a week! I decided to take lily Carp fishing, 4 carp later, the biggest she pulled in was 11lb and now she is now hooked for life, never knew a free rod and setup could change someone so dramatically!   

Thanks for the freebies, however, my only major concern is the fact that she now wants one of everything, it's going to cost me a bloody fortune! Lily is now officially my fishing partner! Brilliant idea to get youngsters on the bank. Thank you.’

We, here at Angling Direct this it is brilliant that our Free Kits has helped families stay active over the Summer holidays. Buy our small token of a free whip starter kit, we hope juniors across the country have had hours of fun in the sun, creating great fishing memories and hopefully recruiting anglers for life!

If you have took our free whip kits out to the bank over the summer holidays, you can share your catch reports to or let us know through our Facebook and Instagram pages.

With over 200 pole promotion kits collected from each of the following stores, we should see plenty more young anglers in Bristol, Halesowen, Leeds, Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham, Rayleigh, Slough, Warrington, and Wroxham.

Why Angling Direct started the Get Into Fishing campaign…

Since Angling Direct have been promoting Get Into Fishing, we have now given away a total of 12, 678 Free Whip Kits to under 16s! Getting youth into angling has lots of benefits so let's list just a few;

  • Improving Focus and Awareness
  • Learning about Wildlife & the Environment
  • Learn about Different Fish Species
  • Quiet Time to Reflect and Talk
  • Shared Shopping Trips for Tackle
  • Having a Healthy Fishing Competition
  • Solving Problems – Figure out how to get the fish biting
  • A Confidence Booster with every catch
  • Escaping the Digital World
  • Keeping Active & Physical Exercise
  • Making Memories, Taking Pictures and Bonding

You can find more about the benefits of angling in our Mental Health Week piece. If you want some tips to help with taking your kids fishing, check out the guide on the AD blog. Updates for the next free whip kit offer can be found on our social media by checking either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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