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Beach Fishing In Search Of Smooth Hound

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Beach Fishing In Search Of Smooth Hound

In Search Of Smooth Hound

For this latest episode we took the camera back to the sands of North Norfolk with the hope of targeting and catching a few of the hard fighting Smoothound.

The Smoothound has recently become one of the sea angler’s favorite species, as there hard fighting; sporting qualities and the fact they grow to specimen proportions, just two reasons why these fish are loved by so many.

Smooth Hound Fishing I

At this time of year the Smooth Hound venture inshore to the shallower sandy beaches in search of food, gorging themselves on peeling Crab. These fish are well known for travelling in large packs and if a pack moves through fishing can be fast and furious.

It’s also at this time of year when the largest of Smooth Hound are caught, as the big females are in pup and fish into double figures and even fish of twenty pound can be landed from the right beaches.

As you can imagine with fish of this size, a viable target, your tackle needs to be up to the job, so strong line, snoods and hooks all need to be used, it’s also perhaps the one and only time that the majority of sea anglers will think about setting there clutch! As a big, angry, Hound will think nothing of hitting your bait and pulling your rod from the tripod!

Smooth Hound Fishing II

The Smooth Hound is probably my favorite fish to target, so it wasn’t a hard decision to try and capture some footage and fish on film!

So armed with a bucket of fresh Peeler and with conditions spot on I was confident of a few fish or two for the camera, but did we catch...? Watch the video to find out!

If you want more tips on how to bait up/use Peeler crab then why not check out our simple step by step guide, which also includes a little more back ground information on the bait and the best way to look after them. You can check it out here…

How To Fish With Live Peeler Crab


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