Carp Fishing With BRM - Big Red Meat!

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Carp Fishing With BRM - Big Red Meat!

Carp Fishing With BRM - Big Red Meat!

For this latest episode we re-visit an old 'edge', a favourite and one that was very successful a few years back when fishing on the match circuit. In fact it was so successful that we had to give it a code name, that name was BRM, or BIG RED MEAT!

It's a well known fact that carp love luncheon meat/spam, especially on commercial fisheries in the warmer months, so with the temperatures rising and a short evening session at our disposal we headed down to Reepham fisheries, to re-visit the BRM and to see if it still worked!

To see exactly what twist we put on it and how we got on in the session, watch this latest instalment, from the waters edge.

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