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How To Make A High Attract Method Mix - Coarse Fishing Quickbite

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How To Make A High Attract Method Mix - Coarse Fishing Quickbite

In this week’s AD Quickbite, the Angling Direct team breakdown the steps for you to make a high-attract method mix.


How To Make High Attract Method Mix


You will need:

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Steps to Making a High Attract Method Mix for Fishing


1. First select your micro pellets

2. Pour a pint into your bait tub/ box

3. Select your F1 pellets

4. Add 1/3 pint to your micro pellets

5. Get some lake water using your bucket

6. Pour the water over your pellets

7. Let them soak for 90 seconds

8. Drain off all the water

9. Add the mixture to a bucket

10. Make sure to leave the mix for 30 MINUTES

11. Select your Boilie Crush

12. Add 2 x heaped cap fulls to a tub

13. Select your bait liquid

14. Add the liquid to your Boilie Crush

15. Add this to your soaked pellets

You’re now ready to fish!

Watch the video below where the team cover everything, from components of the mix, right through to how to put it together.

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