Jig Fishing For Beginners - Jigging Rigs, Tips & Tactics

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Jig Fishing For Beginners - Jigging Rigs, Tips & Tactics

For this latest episode we try something a little different as we head off for a spot of Jig fishing, with fishing guide Jonny Stephenson. Jonny is an expert in this field and has fished all around the world, he also runs his own guiding business and is sponsored by lure fishing supremo's Spro.

What we know about Jig fishing can be written on the back of a postage stamp, so we headed into the session complete novices, hoping to pick Jonnys brains about all things Jig related, including rigs, tips and general all-round tactics.

A few texts were exchanged before we decided on a suitable venue, the chosen spot being a small boat yard in Norfolk which had yielded some good results for Jonny in the past. We'd been told that at this time of year small boat yards can often be excellent area's to jig, as the baitfish that the predators feed on, head into these area's out of the main river ready for the winter.

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With the river being tidal an early start was order to ensure we'd be fishing the best part of the tide, whilst the water was still up. We met up with Jonny around 7pm and spent the first hour or so just watching him in action, numerous Perch of varying sizes fell to his tiny jigs, before it was finally time to have a go ourselves and to put into practice what we'd honed from watching a master at work!

To find out exactly how we got on and to perhaps find out a few tips along the way, watch this latest installment, from the waters edge.

(If you are already a seasoned jig/lure fishing angler then this probably won't be the video for you, but if you're not and you fancy having a go at it yourself (like we did) then you may find it useful.)

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