Nash Siren R3 Alarm - Tackle Tuesday

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Nash Siren R3 Alarm - Tackle Tuesday

The Nash Siren R3 Alarm boasts all the features that are best-loved about the original Siren range, as well as a whole host of upgraded and added extras which really make it the crème de la crème of Nash’s alarm range.

First impressions count and the Nash Alarms on appearance alone look brilliant, sleek and fitting for the modern angler. Setting them up on buzz bars is very aesthetically pleasing.

Our Favourite Features of the Siren R3 Alarms:

The Siren R3's come with a compression collar allows you to screw the alarm tightly onto buzz bars, but also allows you to line them up perfectly. The whole unit has been sealed to provide the best waterproofing possible, ideal for fishing in typical winter conditions. The rear battery compartment that is fitted with baffles to prevent water ingress.

The rubberised removable snag ears ensure maximum rod security while not looking overpowering to the general aesthetic of the rod. Personalisation does not stop there as there is also the bobbin port, which allows you to attach bespoke Nash bobbins to the alarm with the unique screw insert. You can also attach the neat fibre optic cable bobbin that illuminates when the alarm beeps.

The conventional roller wheel is as reliable as they come, and with the intelligent microchip that can differentiate between a false bleep and the real thing you have an alarm that only notifies your of fish-feeding activity. The Sirens also offer impressive remote signal strength and are compact for easy transportation and storage.

More Features of the Siren R3's...

  • Patented sensitivity control utilising microchip Intelligent Sensing
  • Market-leading remote performance independently verified
  • One-touch mute function allows bobbins to be set without disturbing anglers or carp
  • High output adjustable volume and variable tone
  • Pulsing fibre optic output for Nash Siren Optics indicators
  • Integrated rubberised snag ears
  • Heads available Blue, Red, Green and Clear LEDs
  • Protective PVC case
  • Powered by 1 x CR 2 - 3V battery (not included)

With this bite alarm, you can be confident that every sound is positive so there will be no more nervously sitting on your hands whilst your alarm is sounding. This really is a revolutionary system which is perfect for the novice and experienced angler alike.  



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