How to Tie a 2 Hook Flapper Rig - Sea Fishing Tips

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How to Tie a 2 Hook Flapper Rig - Sea Fishing Tips

Stepping up your sea fishing know-how can certainly help with catch reports, even changing up something like your rig can be devasting. If you want to try out something different, we, here at Team AD have made a QuickBite video showing you how to tie the Two-Hook Flapper Rig in simple, easy to follow steps.

What is the 2 Hook Flapper Rig?

One of the greatest sea fishing rigs, the 2 Hook Flapper is a solid all-rounder rig. The name flapper refers to the hook snoods hanging loose, causing a flap during the cast. This rig is ideal for middle-range casts but incredibly versatile when it comes to species. If you are on a multi-species session, or you're just happy to catch anything that swims, the 2 Hook Flapper Rig will get the job done.

What do I need to build this rig?

Before we jump into the tutorial, we have made a list of the items you need to add to that tackle checklist or to fish out from your fishing armoury!

  • Braid Scissors

  • Plastic Beads

  • Shock Leader

  • 2 Hooks

  • Mainline Swivels

  • Trace Crimps

  • Snood Swivels

  • Link Clips

  • 20LB Monofilament Line

  • Crimping Pliers

To make life even easier, we have made a page just for the 2 Hook Flapper Rig so you can find all the items you need here as well as the products being linked at the bottom of this piece!

Video Tutorial of the 2 Hook Flapper Rig


Step-by-Step Guide to Constructing the 2 Hook Flapper Rig

To further help you out, we have listed the steps below for the 2 Hook Flapper Rig!

1) Start by trimming off 1.5m of your chosen rig body

2) Select your link clip and attach it to the bottom of your rig body

3) Select your beads, crimps and snood swivels

4) Thread onto your rig body; Crimp, then bead, snood swivel, another bead and crimp

5) Repeat this process for the top swivel

6) Select your mainline swivel and attach it to the top of your rig body

7) Select your crimping pliers

8) Crimp the bottom snood swivel roughly 15cm above your link clip

9) Next, crimp your top snood swivel roughly 70cm above the bottom swivel

10) Select your hooks and snood line

11) Attach your bottom hook to 60cm of snood line

12) Attach your top hook to 50cm of snood line

13) Select your rig body and attach your snoods to the relevant swivels

14) Select your lead and attach it to your link clip

The Final Step...

Need some fishing knot help? Check out our Fishing Knot Beginner’s Guide. Not sure what size or type of hook to select for your sea fishing rigs? We got it covered in our Beginner’s Guide to Fishing Hooks.

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