Summer Chub Fishing - Specimen Series

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Summer Chub Fishing - Specimen Series

Whether you’re a seasoned river angler, a passionate carp angler in need of a change of scenery, or just fancy a day on the river, chub are an excellent species to target. Their generous size and considerable fight, especially in faster flowing water can be a real adrenaline rush.

The mobility of river fishing is a stark change from the sedentary nature of carp fishing, especially in the summer months when temperatures climb, and you can bask in the sun.




Summer chub can be found wherever there is cover for them, you’re looking for a slack in the water flow. Chub will happily sit in fast shallow water, providing there are branches or snags hiding them from predators. Targeting chub in these shallow runs is not easy but a freelined bait will work better than most, especially with a big worm or breadflake on the hook.




For more information on the best summer chub baits, check out Angling Direct’s dedicated blog – Best Summer Baits For Chub




Chub fight hard, especially in running water. They also aren’t particularly line shy fish so ensure you have adequate tackle to prevent them burring you in snags or freeing themselves from your hook. A nice balanced setup up with a minimum 5lb line, especially if the chub are larger in size on your particular venue.

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