Summer Clothing & Essential Tackle Items Guide

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Summer Clothing & Essential Tackle Items Guide

Long summer nights spent out on the bank, beach or boat are the pinnacle of fishing for many anglers. Fishing in summer gives you more hours of daylight, the warmth can encourage the fish to behave differently, but most of all its just pleasant to be out in. You don’t have to worry about layering up and keeping warm like you do in the winter, if anything you will want to find the shade!

Fishing Clothing in the summer months is drastically different to that in the winter, there are also several handy tackle items that can make you summer nights on the bank a bit more comfortable.


What do anglers wear in summer?

When you’re fishing in the heat, its important to protect yourself from the sun. Be sure to take all the precautions you usually would, suncream, plenty of water etc, but there are also certain fashion considerations that can make you more comfortable on the bank.

A good wide brim hat will protect your head and face from the sun, some hats even incorporate neck coverings.

The Korda LE Boonie Hat in Digi Kamo offers 360 protection from the sun, being lightweight you should remain nice and cool whilst wearing it. The boonie is also water resistant, so you can wear it in your trophy shots, but perhaps the best thing about this Korda hat is that all the proceeds go to the Lennox Childrens Cancer Trust. 


A good pair of polarised sunglasses will not only enhance your fishing but protect you from the suns glare that reflects off the waters surface. Staring at the water all day has been known to cause headaches and the like, so be sure to get yourself a decent pair of polarised fishing glasses.

The Greys G3 Sunglasses feature frames that contain a high degree of bio material, which has a much lower carbon footprint. The lenses are all polarised shatterproof polycarbonate, and feature a hydrophobic material which reduces water spots and makes for much easier cleaning. The lenses reduce glare significantly, provide maximum UV protection, and the anti reflective back coating reduces glare reflecting off the back of the glasses which reduces eye strain.

Breathable, fast-drying fabrics are essential in the summer, you want to ensure you are as comfortable as possible in the heat. If you can find a quality long-sleeve option, alongside some breathable trousers, keeping you limbs covered offers you protection from the sun. However, we agree that it shorts and a t-shirt is sometimes preferable in the summer months.

In terms of fishing tees, the Trakker Moisture Wicking T-Shirt  is the perfect choice during both winter and summer months, as not only is it very comfortable to wear, its super-quick drying and ultra-breathable. This sports style T-shirt is finished in tonal panels of khaki and grey, the grey panels have added airflow eyelet knit fabric exactly where you need it centre back and under the arms. For maximum performance, the top has been designed to be worn next to the skin it is well fitted to retain all freedom of movement when casting


The Fortis Trail Shorts are a comfortable, durable pair of shorts, the Fortis Trail Shorts are packed with technical features from the fabric to the cut and fit. Made with 210gm/m2 Stretch Ripstop 100% Polyester, the shorts are breathable, lightweight and robust. The ripstop material is tough and durable to combat brambles whilst including stretch and softness for a relaxed fit.

These Fortis shorts also boast an articulated fit, darted knees and crotch gusset that will aid movement around the bankside. These shorts have enough given for the demands of angling whether it's walking the lake or crouching to that landing net.


Footwear options vary greatly, especially in the summer, as flat stable pegs will allow you to wear the same flip-flops you would to the beach, but you might want to opt for boots if you are on a peg which is prone to being a bit soggy.

The RidgeMonkey Aqua Shoes are a robust, non-slip Aqua Shoe made from a breathable elasticated material leaving your feet feeling fresh throughout use. An extremely quick drying time means you can constantly be in and out of the water yet remain comfortable and fresh at all times. The unique design guarantees maximum retention when worn in the water, leaving you secure in even the muddiest situations. The ultimate all round outdoor shoe.


Summer Essentials

Alongside fashion considerations thre are also some tackle items that are essential for the bank in the summer. 

The Leeda LS Mosquito Reppellent Coil is effective against mosquitoes and other flying insects. Each coil provides up to 8 hours of protection, with each pack contains 10 mosquito coils and two stands. Treats approximately 30m3. 0.20% d-Allethrin active ingredient. 

Staying hydrated whilst out fishing in the summer months in of paramount importance, the Heavy Duty Water Carrier from RidgeMonkey is manufactured from a robust high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. This is the same material that is used to construct the mains water supply piping, so you can be completely confident that this will last you for many years on the bank. The RidgeMonkey Heavy Duty Water Carrier comes in three different sizes. 

If you are on the bank for more than just a day session, you will need to take food with you, and you will need to keep this food cool, the Fox Camolite Low Level Coolbag will ensure just that. If you are able to add ice packs to the coolbag, your food will stay fresher for even longer. 

Nowadays, most bivvy manufacturers produce mozzi mesh infils, protecting the angler from being joined in their bivvy by a swarm of mosquitos! Just like this mozzi mesh infil from Nash, designed to fit the Titan bivvy, but chances are the manufacturer of your current bivvy will sell a seperate mozzi mesh infil. 

Our final product is an innovative anti-mosquito device from Wolf, the Mozzi Zappa does what it says on the tin and deals with those pesky intruders in your bivvy. A carrycase is also available seperately. 

If you're looking to learn more about fishing in the summer months, be sure to check out our guide to summer carp baits.

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