Summer Carp Baits

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Summer Carp Baits


Bread, or bread flake has become synonymous with summer carp fishing. Freelining bread is an incredibly enjoyable way to catch carp, being able to see the carp approach your hookbait on the surface is much more thrilling than sitting behind alarms.


The all-rounder. In truth, Corn will fish well year-round, its size, water content and hi-viz appearance makes it a great bait for catching just about any fish species.


Boilies have taken the carp discipline by storm since their inception. Oily fishmeal boilies, rather than the milk protein varieties that anglers use in winter, are devastating in the warmer months, these oily baits really come into their own. As the water temperature means they are much more soluble, and so they can break down more easily, making them easily digestible to the carp.

Adding an oil additive to your boilies can create a slick on the surface of your spot when the fish begin to feed on it, a very welcome sight to wake up to in the morning! When looking for a suitable summer boilie, a good option is to go for a fishmeal bait, dark and rich in colour and also rich in nutrients.


As water temperatures rise, carp will spend more time basking in the upper layers of the water column. Zigs look to exploit this, by anchoring a weight to the bottom and allow line to run free, you’re able to adjust the depth at which your fishing, finding what depth the fish are at is of paramount importance.

Foam, or zig bugs, are interchangeable, be sure to experiment with different hook baits, a black foam maybe work better against the daylight sun, but carp have been known to take a plethora of foams and bugs over the years, its finding the depth that is key.


Oils & Additives

In the warmer summer waters, slicks and smells will reach further, drawing in fish from further afield. Whether you’re fishing on the bottom, mid-water, or at the surface, oils such as salmon and krill will pull the fish in.


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