Tackle Tuesday… Drennan Red Range 11m Carp Pole

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Tackle Tuesday… Drennan Red Range 11m Carp Pole

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Drennan Red Range 11m Carp Pole

Expanding the hugely popular Red Range of rods and reels, the 11m Red Range Carp pole offers an exceptional value package coupled with real performance. The Red Range Carp makes a quality long margin pole, a good second pole for experienced anglers and is also an excellent choice for a first pole.

A true 11m model that is perfectly fishable and manageable at this length. It is more than strong enough for Carp and commercial fisheries and stiff and responsive enough for catching plenty of silver fish.

It is supplied with a top-two Carp kit in the pole, plus a spare one. These measure approximately 2.3m and are ready to elasticate straight from the bag. As they come, they will accept a 4.2mm Super Slick PTFE bush (2.9mm internal diameter). Two of these bushes are supplied, which are ideal for light/medium solid elastics and perhaps even up to yellow 10-12 Carp Bungee hollow elastic or equivalent.


If your preference is for thicker elastics, two 5.4mm Super Slick PTFE bushes (4.2mm internal diameter) are also supplied. The pole will only need trimming back approximately 18 centimetres to fit these.

The Red Range Carp also features factory-fitted Side Pull Slots. Once fitted, this provides amazing performance to both solid and hollow elastic and makes fish playing an extremely smooth process.


You also get two Skid Bungs, EVA nose cones for the No.2 (ready fitted) and No.3 sections, two cupping kit adaptors, a Polemaster pole pot, four internal PTFE bushes, a Roller Cone extractor rod and eight Side Pull Beads as part of the package.

Two threaded cupping kit adaptors are supplied should you wish to convert one of the Carp Kits into a cupping kit. Two sizes help ensure that your cupping kit is the same length as your top kit, which is vital for accurate feeding.

Additional Carp Kits, cupping kits and all other sections can also be purchased separately.


Key Features - A true 11 metre model provides great manageability - Reinforced sections throughout - Extra long reinforcement to No2 section - Strong and highly durable, great for carp and commercial fisheries - Stiff and responsive, suitable for silver fish - Weighs just 975g on average - Factory fitted Side Pull Slots - Side Pull System included

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