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Tackle Tuesday - Nash Scope GT Reels

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Tackle Tuesday - Nash Scope GT Reels


For carp anglers that feel like something is missing from their set up and are searching for some power behind a fight with a monster carp, the Nash Scope GT reel offers a host of features to get anglers and us, here at Angling Direct excited!

Looking to elevate a carp reel like no other, Nash worked with a supplier that specialised in GT reels. These are reels designed to be strong enough to wrestle the beast of Pacific waters, the Giant trevally fish. One of the most ferocious fish of the ocean, the GT will take anglers on massive runs once hooked. If this sounds at all familiar to carp anglers, then rest assured that Nash has incorporated the benefits of GT reels to assist in enhancing the Scope collection and the fishing experience.

Now of course Nash have not just took a GT reel and placed their own branding on it. The reel comes with modification that improve carp and specialist angling. Adding an anti-reverse option as well as a line clip for your spool is a taste of what Nash has worked on and developed.

Ideal for those intimate venues, Scope GT reels are able to offer exceptional performance in a compact body to balance perfectly with all Scope sawn-off rods. The Nash Scope reels come in two size options of 4000 and the 6000, great for medium sized carp fishing venues, as well as the smaller waters the UK has to offer. Both sizes are incredibly versatile reels – in many ways the ideal carp reel. The slightly smaller size, the GT 4000 reel enables a variety of fishing styles across the discipline, including floater, feeder, dropshotting, light lure, and commercial work. It is a big fish fighting reel but in a miniature compact form so you can be mobile and explore all the nooks and crannies of your fishery.

Incredibly robust, the Scope GT is made from an aluminium body and rotor that is able to withstand the bashing about of moving from swim to swim, through dense growth or cluttered terrain whilst being incredibly lightweight. We can’t help but be captivated by the cosmetics of this reel! Nash has given the GT carbon trim finishes as well as a honeycomb effect on the sheath of the spool to really stand it out from the rest!

The mechanics of this Nash reel allow you to punch your lead to the horizon with sealed carbon fast drag and a long cast spool, fitted with dual Spot On line clips. These clips allow you to target two different features interchangeably, with incredible accuracy and precision casting each time. The balanced rotor feature also prevents any reel wobble while cranking, so you have full control over the business end of your rig when you’re hitting those incredible distances.

With practicality at heart the reel sports a special gear drive mechanism for ultra-light handle rotation and smooth reeling and a dual propulsion anti-line twist roller which is located in the spool and prevents you from nasty line tangles! The handle is not only smooth but incredibly convenient to store with the one-touch folding action! Interchangeable from the black EVA to the wooden handle option the Scope is customisable for those that prefer authenticity or a natural feel. Additionally, Nash very kindly packs the reel with a guide and tools to change the handle as well as a velvet pouch to protect the reel whilst in storage.


Reliability is key with a carp reel and Nash certainly provides with this rear drag fishing reel which consists of nine stainless steel ball bearings, plus a one-way clutch. The reel also benefits from large spool and a clinical line lay, thanks to the line guard spool system. The level wind line lay ensures a long, smooth casting from the CAD aluminium spool.

Nash’s Alan Blair is confident that pairing this reel with the Scope rods will ensure an enjoyable and successful session at the water’s edge, and with its host of impressive specifications its no doubt why!

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