Tackle Tuesday- Prologic SMX Alarms

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Tackle Tuesday- Prologic SMX Alarms

The stealthy looking Prologic SMX bite alarms genuinely offer a multitude of features and functions at a lower price point than most of its competitors. The 3+1 kit provides everything you need in terms of bite indication, ideal if you’re a novice carp angler looking for your first set of bite alarms, or If you’re a cost-conscious experienced angler looking for value for money.

The alarms have three adjustable settings; volume, sensitivity and tone, of which there is five, four and seven settings, respectively, there is even a silent mode. The design sports a diamond shaped roller which lights up upon indication alongside the LED on the left snag ear, the right snag ear has a white LED and will only illuminate in the case of a drop back bite accompanied by a dedicated drop back tone.

The alarms are receiver are 100% waterproof and their level of performance will not drop in heavy rain, these are dependable, smart looking bite alarms that won’t empty your wallet.

The SMX bundle comes with a receiver which itself has a number of functions, the forward bite and drop back indication light is replicated on the receiver, you will be aware of what type of bite you’ve received before you get to your rods and with a night light function on the receiver, you’ll be able to get to your rods quickly, with minimal fuss.

If your keen to take a subtle approach there is a silent mode and vibration function, allowing you to keep the receiver under your pillow and get to your rods with next to no disturbance. The receiver also champions a memory function, meaning it will remember the last settings used, saving you time when you arrive on the bank.

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