Wednesday Review- Guru X-Change Range

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Wednesday Review- Guru X-Change Range

X-Change Your Approach

For the competitive angler, a match is all about finding techniques, tactics, and tackle that shave seconds off your approach, and get your bait among the fish quickly, cleanly, and with the minimum of disturbance.

Whatever peg you draw, having the ability to feed the way the conditions in front of you demand puts you ahead, increasing your chances of success, and giving you a more enjoyable all round session, whatever the final result.

Guru X-Change Feeder Range


Designed for distance casts and effective bait dispersal, Guru's X-Change range is all about maximising possibilities, and cashing in on the rewards that getting ahead, and tailoring your bait presentation approach, can offer.

Giving you the ability to streamline your on-peg terminal tackle, X-Change is a tackle range that's all about clean, focussed, and efficient angling, and one that will suit those who prefer method in their angling madness.

Guru X-Change Bait Up Feeder

Designed for distance casting, this feeder takes your bait out smoothly and quickly, dropping it right where you need it with the minimum of disturbance to your swim. Releasing your bait quickly, the X-Change Bait Up Feeder is the ideal way to get any competition off to a flying start.


Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Solid Body

Available in a variety of sizes and weights, these solid body feeders are ideal for the unique challenges and opportunities that deep water pegs offer, providing resistance against under water snags and hazards, and giving you the best chance of a swift hook up.

Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Cage Body

Providing fast, efficient bait distribution in all conditions, this cage feeder is available in a variety of weights and sizes, giving you the tailored approach you need to turn any peg into a flyer, and take control of any tournament session.


Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Weights

Allowing you to tailor your feeding approach without having to change your feeder, these weights, which are supplied in packs of two, and come in a variety of sizes to create a fully dynamic, effective approach on any venue.

Get your feeder down quickly, or present a slow, steady bait drop; with the Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Weights, you're guaranteed to have the session you want wherever you're fishing.

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