The Wednesday Review… Sticky Baits Krill

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The Wednesday Review… Sticky Baits Krill

Sticky Baits Krill – The Review! Over the last few years the range of bait available for the Carp and specialist angler has grown immensely, no longer does the angler just 3-4 companies to choose from, there are now a wide range of suppliers making bait in many different shapes, sizes, colours and flavours.

One company who has made a massive impact in this field is Sticky Bait and one range in particular is there fantastic Krill range. We love it, our staff love it and our friends at Total Carp also love it, if the review below is anything to go by…

Sticky Baits ‘The Krill’

The Sticky Krill range has been causing quite a stir in the carp world of late. The likes of Jim Shelley are hauling on it, making it the bait to be on this year.

The figurehead of the range is the devastating boilies. Made with high-quality, natural Krill powder, they are available in shelf-life and frozen varieties in 12, 16 and 20mm.

When you break one open it’s clear that it’s packed with loads of high-quality ingredients – krill meal, fishmeal’s, milk proteins and super-soluble appetite stimulants to name but a few. The softness is also testament to the bait’s quality, showing that it hasn’t been over boiled at all.

Sticky-Baits-The-Krill-1There are also matching pellets. Made from the same attractors and coated heavily in soluble krill protein, they fizz and generate an attractive halo of smell on your baited patch and really get the fish grubbing around.

If you like to fish solid bags or PVA sticks then you need to give the Krill Active Mix a try. The mixture pellets and active mix produces a great concoction for use in a spod mix or PVA bag. You could even add the 100 per cent pure krill powder to add improved nutritional content.

There is also a myriad of hook baits and liquids. Krill wafters and dumbbells are worth a go as a hook bait over a bed of bait and the super-buoyant pop-ups lend themselves perfectly to chod-rig setups.

Sticky-Baits-The-Krill-2Finally, hook-bait attraction can be enhanced by the Pure Krill Liquid, which is supplied in one-litre bottles. This can also be used to boost stick and spod mixes or for glugging your boilies. The full range has plenty to offer and is well worth checking out. If you want to change your season, get on the Krill.

We Liked The quality ingredients packed into every bait.

We Didn't Like You need to mesh some of your freezer-bait hook baits, as they are quite soft.

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