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Angling Direct: Tight & Vibrant

Stunning still waters, flowing rivers, vibrant wildlife, feeding fish, and tight lines; the perfect situation for any angler. Whether you're a committed carp enthusiast, a patient predator angler, a competitive spirit with match winning ambitions, or someone who's completely new to the wonders of the angling world, this channel has it all. ADTV, the dedicated fishing channel from the UK's leading fishing retailer, Angling Direct, brings you the world of catch and release fishing, with all its stunning locations, thrilling challenges, and informative tips. Each episode aims to help take your angling further, whatever your current level of skill and experience, direct to your smartphone, tablet, PC or desktop from our dedicated YouTube channel.

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Packed with expert opinion on what could be the best baiting tactic and tackle set up for your favourite species, and casual tech mentions that give you ideas on how to up your angling game. ADTV takes you out on the bank with real anglers, and gives you the closest experience of the angling lifestyle you can get without getting your feet wet – or why not watch them on the bank when things have turned a little slow!

Tips, Tricks, and Top Banter

If you're looking for top tips on how to shake up your baiting technique, make the most of your tackle’s potential, and enjoy lively, friendly advice, info, and chat from a range of anglers from all fishing disciplines, then you should subscribe to ADTV over on YouTube. Bringing you concise, contemporary knowledge, top tips on tackle, bait, and technique, expert opinions, and more, ADTV is the place to go for an immersive fishing experience – and you don't even have to get out of bed or the sleeping bag!


What's New?

Impressive carp, striking zander, subsurface shots, stunning scenery, combined with alluring outdoor imagery that captures the imagination, and makes you want to grab your rods, head out, and experience the world around you in a completely revolutionary way, ADTV brings you tips for catching top-weight roach, tying the perfect PVA bag, and gives you a glimpse at how the SwimFinder app can add an extra element to your angling, plus a host of top-name fishing tips.

ADTV – the place to see your angling ambitions realised, by anglers just like you.

Head to our ADTV page on YouTube to see our range of videos

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