1. Phil Spinks- Eel Fishing

    Phil Spinks- Eel Fishing

    Eel fishing can be very much like Marmite, you either love it or hate it! I hate Marmite, but I love eel fishing.Eel fishing offers the unknown which is becoming more and more uncommon in modern day specimen fishing. We often arrive at our chosen

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  2. Norman Symonds

    Norman Symonds

    On the 19th June, Martin Symonds owner of Homersfield Lake announced that his father Norman Symonds passed away at the age of 94. Many carp anglers might not know his name, he never caught a record carp, he never invented any fishing tackle or made

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  3. AD365- Episode 5

    AD365- Episode 5

    AD365 Episode 5Much to Hassan's bewildered surprise, AD365 has reached its fifth episode! Covering everything from Christmas to cracking carp being added to the Angling Direct Crown Netherhall Fishery – 'scaley bangers' that are

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  4. Distance Casting With Terry Edmonds

    In this video, Angling Direct's Stephen 'Widget' Crowe meets casting legend Terry Edmonds, to talk about all things distance casting, and get some tips and tricks to improve his own fishing.Buzzing with excitement at finally meeting one of angling's

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  5. Phil Spinks - November 2018

    Phil Spinks - November 2018

    Now that it is feeling much more wintery my attentions turn to pike. I really look forward to my pike fishing each year. One of the reasons I enjoy fishing for pike so much is the fact you can target pike with so many different methods. Feeling a

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  6. ADTV- AD365 Episode 4

    ADTV- AD365 Episode 4

    AD 365 EPISODE 4 One of the fun things that the marketing team at Angling Direct's head office, in Rackheath, are involved in is our quarterly vlog piece, AD 365, where we bring you up to speed on everything that's happened in the past few weeks

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  7. ADTV - AD365 Episode 3

    ADTV - AD365 Episode 3

    In Episode Three of AD365, Hassan Khan recaps the Angling Direct adventures of the past few months, introduces angling’s answer to Ant and Dec (at least in Hassan’s estimation), and muses about when, or if, the same budget that bought the AD

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  8. Phil Spinks - Team AD Press Release

    Phil Spinks - Team AD Press Release

    Phil Spinks will be a familiar, friendly face to many of you in the Angling Direct community, both from his work in our Beccles store, and from his entertaining, engaging, and informative blogs and videos, which centre around his own angling exploits

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  9. ADTV - Hadlow College Carp Spawning

    ADTV - Hadlow College Carp Spawning

     A Partnership For LifeAs a company, Angling Direct are proud to enjoy a close relationship with Hadlow College, in Kent, where we sponsor their fishery, supporting the education of the aquaculturists, fish farmers, and fishery managers of the

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  10. ADTV - Angling Direct Ashford

    ADTV - Angling Direct Ashford

    Angling Direct Ashford Angling Direct's Stephen Crowe takes us on a whistlestop tour of the Ashford store, which has a strong history as a thriving tackle shop, an identity continued, under the Angling Direct banner, from 2011, with staff who are

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