Top 5 Drop Shotting Tips

This ultra-light method of lure fishing, used mainly to target perch, is not only awesome fun but is also very cost-effective and addictive. Whether you have a couple of hours at the end of a day or a full day to yourself, here are some tips to help ensure that you make the most of the new drop shot craze.

Set Up for Success
Being a specialist technique, you really do need specialist tackle. Luckily, it’s very well-priced and you can kit yourself out for around £60-80. You will need a rod between 6-8ft with a soft tip, almost like a quiver tip, to detect those subtle plucks on your lure. You’ll need a small fixed spool reel to balance this, loaded with 6-8lb braided reel line. A few bits of end tackle, a folding unhooking mat, plus a net and you’re good to go. If you’re anything like me, this lot is kept in my car boot for the whole winter in the event of those opportune moments when I can slope off for an hour or two, or three, or more…

Be Invisible
Fluorocarbon leaders between 8-10lb are the only choice for presenting these delicate lures to mini predators in the clear water conditions of autumn and winter. An additional tip is to stay well away from the edge of the bank. This can be a prime place to catch from, so don’t ruin it.

Less is More
When you are working your miniature plastic lures, don’t be tempted to move the rod too much. A savage jerk baiting-type action will result in your lure not working effectively. Simply cast into a likely-looking area and tighten the line to the weight, leaving a little slack, then gently tease the lure up and down with small tip movements. This keeps the lure in the kill zone and ensures the perch can attack it before it’s plunked away from them too fast.

Get a Grip
Try the ‘pencil grip’. Holding your rod like a pencil is a great way of working your lure subtly and being able to feel for the daintiest of bites at the same time. Give it a try.

Time and Place
The first few hours of light and the last few hours before darkness are when perch are most active. Get your drop shot lure in the right place and you’re in for some ultra-light lure fun. Venues that can offer free fishing, like some canals and rivers, are awesome waters to target. Look for cover such as far margin snags and bridges and the perch won’t be far away. Make sure you keep moving and searching for clearer water or otherwise make sure to use brighter lures in coloured water.

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