Thursday Focus - Brollies

When anglers talk about brollies, we’re not looking to simply keep a light drizzle at bay. Out on the bank, a brolly can be anything from a broad, tilted, umbrella design that’s more about offering shade, and keeping your bait out of the worst of the weather than ensuring you don’t get wet if it starts pouring down, up to what is essentially a mini-bivvy, perfect if you half plan on staying out overnight, but definitely can’t make a proper weekend of it.

We’ve chosen three of the more spacious, all-weather brollies to take a look at, and give you an idea of just what’s on offer. Chosen from three brands that are coming to define the angling arena, we’re pretty sure you’ll find just the thing for your next session.


The Korum 50” Graphite Brolly Shelter is the perfect solution to this common problem. With a graphite frame creating a strong yet lightweight load, you can easily get this brolly from boot to bank. With extended sides for extra cover, and reinforced pegging points, this 140cm x 210cm brolly comes with taped seams to keep wind and rain out, and offers plenty of space inside. 3.5kg is an easy to handle size, making the Graphite brolly the perfect choice when you want a kit you can pack in the car and carry down to your swim when you arrive.

Once you’re at the water’s edge, getting the Korum Graphite set up and ready to settle into couldn’t be easier, with the simplicity of putting up a tilted brolly, in a design that gives you all the space and protection of an oval front. Well made, with plenty of room, the Korum Graphite gives you everything you need, however changeable the weather turns out to be. Giving you all day shelter against all the elements you’re likely to encounter on an average day’s fishing on British banks, this brolly is definitely worth investing in, and keeping ready to go for all your angling, from long days to short overnights.


If you’re looking for a low-footprint, high-quality bankside brolly for a day’s fishing, then look no further than the Advanta Discovery Low Rider Brolly, a stylish yet practical design that blends a sleek, curved appearance with the functionality of an original 60” brolly design. Supplied with two 26” storm poles, eight heavy duty T pegs, and featuring an extended storm peak and reinforced ribbing, this is a brolly that is built for the very worst that the British weather has in its arsenal. It is a brolly that is designed to survive a storm, and a brolly that is designed around the attitudes of experienced carp anglers, who don’t let anything, least of all a bit of weather, get between them and a chance to bring that elusive monster carp to the bank. The brolly also comes with a detachable lightweight groundsheet, ideal for keeping everything completely dry.

While this is a low-profile, lightweight, and compact brolly, the internal space it offers is impressive. While you’re probably not going to be comfortable using this brolly for overnighters (buy a bivvy for that), it’s more than capable of taking you, and all the equipment, tackle, and accessories you might need, from dawn to dusk on the roughest banks, meaning there’s no need to pack up and head for home in the middle of a lively session with lots of action.


With external ribs creating a more spacious interior, the Trakker Tempest V2 Brolly features a patented design that delivers unbeatable strength, an effortless set up and pack down, and a pleasant, comprehensive user experience.

Supplied with tension straps, carry bag, and T-pegs, the Tempest is ideal for all your summer fishing sessions, easily providing a lightweight shelter on any bankside, creating the perfect summer shelter, keeping you shaded, and providing you with an easy way to get out of any sudden showers.

The Tempest V2 Brolly is made from tough, durable 210D polyester, with a 10,000mm hydrostatic head rating – ensuring you're fully waterproof, even if summer doesn't quite live up to the hype, and perfect for those long summer days when there’s nothing more relaxing than a long day on the bank.

A great solution for those times when you don't need a bivvy, as you're not intending to be out overnight, but you still want some kind of shelter, the Trakker Tempest has plenty of space inside, giving you the comfort and convenience you need on the bank, while a sturdy, fully weather-resistant outer layer offers complete protection, whether you’re seeking shade, or trying to keep warm and dry. With a variety of enhancements available to purchase separately, including a utility front and overwrap, you can create a brolly system that stands up to winter weather, too.

With its patented design, the Trakker Tempest takes fishing brolly systems firmly into luxury essentials territory, creating a cosy bankside shelter that's perfect for making the most of the long, warm days of summer, and versatile enough to give you shelter for at least three out of the four seasons, with a compact, easy to transport design that fits well on any barrow.

Best Of Three

So, which brolly’s calling your name? Whether you’re charmed by the lightweight strength of the Korum 50” Graphite Brolly Shelter, looking forward to making the most of the rugged reliability and quality construction of the Trakker Tempest Brolly V2, or you’re falling for the appeal of the Advanta Discovery CX Low Rider Brolly, order your new bankside shelter online today, or pop into your nearest Angling Direct store to get a proper look before you make that next angling investment.

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