Three Waterways Fishing Challenge - Lake, River & Sea Fishing

For this latest episode we're out taking on another challenge, this time it’s something we’ve called the 3 waterways fishing challenge!

We wanted to catch a fish from a lake, river and the sea all in the same day, well from 7.00am in the morning to 10pm at night.

However to pass each waterway and to make the challenge a little more difficult we added some size limits! SO… we went with a 5lb fish from a lake, a 3lb fish from a river and then a 1lb fish from the sea.

The final stipulation was that each venue we fished had to be within an hour of home.

So we packed the car with a variety of fishing tackle, fired up the satnav and headed out on our way for a mammoth day of fishing and filming!

To find out exactly how we got on in the session, watch this latest instalment, from the waters edge.

The Tackle Box
Shimano Exage Match Reel (Alternative)
Daiwa TD Float Rod (Alternative)
Advanta Endurance Low Chair
Preston Competition Landing Net Handle
Daiwa Sensor Mono
Reuben Heaton Scales
Drennan Clear Wagglers
Daiwa Nylon Chest Waders
Fox Prism Predator Spinning Rod
Shimano Stradic Ci4 FB Reel
Ondex Gold Spinner
Shakespeare Agility Beach Rod
Daiwa Emcast Reel (Alternative)
Ian Golds Mono Pod/Sand Spike Rest
Greys Pulley Pennel
Breakaway Impact Leads

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