Tackle Tuesday - Sonik SKS Alarm/Bivvy Light Set

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Tackle Tuesday - Sonik SKS Alarm/Bivvy Light Set

Exclusive to Angling Direct, the Sonik SKS Alarm/Bivvy Light All Blue Set will set your bivvy alight in the best possible way, as well as letting you know when you need to leave the bivvy to reel in a bite on your rods.

Supplied with three bite alarms, a receiver, and bivvy lamp, this set is the perfect option for long stay campaign anglers, giving you everything you need to fish effectively with a three rod set up, a common carp approach, allowing you to maximise your chances of catching, and cover the full width of your swim, making the most of every inch of opportunity. The Sonik bite alarms can be set at your choice of six volumes, including a silent alert, so the sound of a bite on one of your rods will be instantly recognisable to you, and doesn't have to rouse the rest of the venue if you don't want it to. The bite alarms' performance is further enhanced by the ability to adjust each alarm through a range of four sensitivity settings, and seven tone alerts – the number of perfection, applied to the perfect carp angling essential.

The bivvy lamp's light can be paired with the LED indication on your bite alarms, to create a soothingly complementary bankside set up.


Exclusive Performance

Fully waterproof, these alarms can be used in any weather, and on any venue. Ultra bright LEDs, and a unique tone, give you instant drop-back indication, and the alarms are also fitted with low battery indication, meaning you have complete peace of mind that you'll never run out of juice on the bank.

Presented in toughened matte black paint, these stylishly durable bite alarms and matching bivvy lamp are exclusive to Angling Direct, so, if you're alert to the benefits of quality bite alarms, and want to shine some light into the darkened corners of your bankside life, then strike while the opportunity's hot, and net this stylish, modern set of bankside essentials, just in time for your winter carp angling.

Comprehensively Compact

Bite alarms to let you know when the action's kicking off. A bivvy lamp that ensures you can see exactly what you're doing when that new pb chooses two in the morning to sound the alarm. Small enough to fit into a carryall pocket, with the durability to give you effective indication and powerful illumination session after session, season after season.

Key Points

- Match the bivvy lamp glow to your bite alarm LEDs - Seven tone settings - Six volume settings, including silent alert - Four sensitivity settings - Dedicated drop back indication - Exclusive to Angling Direct - Requires 2 AAA batteries (not supplied)

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