Tackle Tuesday - Sonik Vader X 3 Rod Kits

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Tackle Tuesday - Sonik Vader X 3 Rod Kits

If you’re looking to get into the carp discipline, chances are that after searching through Angling Direct looking at the various carp rods and reels on offer you will have realised it can be an expensive habit, setting up a rod pod with three shiny new carp rods can set you back a fair amount of money. However, Angling Direct have got you covered with an exclusive offer on the Sonik Vader X carp range.

The Vader X Abbreviated Carp Rods from Sonik epitomise the beliefs of the company, offering incredible performance, exceptional build quality and good looks at a lower price point than other high-end rods on the market.

The Sonik Vader X 3 Rod Kit is a special Angling Direct Exclusive and offers seven exceptional products and extraordinary value for money. Not only does the package provide you with three first-rate Vader X carp rods and three conforming Vader X 8000 reels, but also a 42-inch landing net in the same Vader X design. The kit is available in two different test curves a 3.00lb and 3.25lb variant.

Vader X Carp Rods


All three Vader X rods in both packages are 12ft in length, the rods have a slim, light weight carbon fibre structure, the blank itself performs progressively when casting and playing fish. Lined along the blank in a fold friendly ringing pattern are double leg SiC guides, SiC, or silicon carbide guides are much stronger than the more traditional stainless steel guides and minimise abrasion with your line on cast and retrieve.

The rods also feature an anti-frap tip, meaning you won’t have the problem of line tangle during casts regardless of how far you’re punching your leads out.

Continuing down the blank, a line friendly, custom contoured Sonik line clip is housed at the top of the handle, keeping line abrasion to a minimum during transit to a new swim.

A 17mm black DPS reel seat is fitted to all rods in the Vader X Abbreviated range, comfortably casing the Vader X 8000 carp reels with minimum fuss.

A high-quality Japanese shrink wrap butt grip gives you ultimate control during casting and when playing a fish and compliments the rods matte black finish exceptionally.

Finally, the butt of the rod features a black anodised butt cap, laser etched with Sonik Sports iconic ‘S’ logo.

Vader X Carp Reels


The Vader X reels with their sleek matte black finish, accented with a retro barrel shaped wooden handle, compliment the Vader X rod range immaculately and really look the part when paired together on the bank.

The reel itself features a graphite body and rotor, complete with twin spring-loaded line clips, and is supplied with two forged and anodised long cast aluminium spools, coupled with a large diameter bail arm and large bail roller the Vader X 8000 reel will keep tangles to a minimum. The spool is fitted with a micro adjust front drag system and the capacity of the spool is 350m of 12lb line to 270m of 15lb line.

Mechanically, the reel runs on a 5 + 1 ball bearing system and a 4.6:1 gear ratio, retrieving 1.1m of line per turn, impressive for a reel weight just 683g.

Sonik Vader X Landing Net


Manufactured with the same careful attention to detail as the rods, the lightweight carbon structure and easy flow carpy green mesh will permit speed netting of even the largest carp.

The fish friendly mesh is supported by super stiff carbon net arms complete with curved end protectors, shielding your net from general wear and tear.

The spreader block features a hollow middle section, handy for keeping the low-hanging net out of the way during transit, the spreader also features a handy isotope slot.

Finished in the same matte black look as Vader X rods the landing net completes the range well and offers everything you could want in a landing net.

All in all, an incredible combi set on offer from Sonik, perfect if you are new to the carp discipline, or you’re an experienced, cost conscious angler who prefers to get the most out of your hard earned cash.

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