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  1. AD365 Episode 6

    AD365 sixth episode is now available to watch on ADTV. So much has happened since the last episode back in January, its been a busy few months! The AD offices have welcomed a multitude of guests from the angling world, the winner of the Drennan Cup

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  2. AD365- Episode 5

    AD365- Episode 5

    AD365 Episode 5Much to Hassan's bewildered surprise, AD365 has reached its fifth episode! Covering everything from Christmas to cracking carp being added to the Angling Direct Crown Netherhall Fishery – 'scaley bangers' that are

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  3. ADTV- AD365 Episode 4

    ADTV- AD365 Episode 4

    AD 365 EPISODE 4 One of the fun things that the marketing team at Angling Direct's head office, in Rackheath, are involved in is our quarterly vlog piece, AD 365, where we bring you up to speed on everything that's happened in the past few weeks

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  4. ADTV - AD365 Episode 3

    ADTV - AD365 Episode 3

    In Episode Three of AD365, Hassan Khan recaps the Angling Direct adventures of the past few months, introduces angling’s answer to Ant and Dec (at least in Hassan’s estimation), and muses about when, or if, the same budget that bought the AD

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