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  1. Norman Symonds

    Norman Symonds

    On the 19th June, Martin Symonds owner of Homersfield Lake announced that his father Norman Symonds passed away at the age of 94. Many carp anglers might not know his name, he never caught a record carp, he never invented any fishing tackle or made

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  2. The Last Goodbye- Arezue Wright

    The Last Goodbye- Arezue Wright

    It was with a heavy heart last weekend that Dave and I travelled down to Norfolk to say our final goodbyes and celebrate the life of the legend, the one and only Sir John Wilson.For me I think it’s fair to say that at no other time did any one

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  3. Arezue Omid Blog

    Arezue Omid Blog

    The moment I mention to anyone that I am a female angler, one of the most common questions I get asked, with a huge expression of surprise, is “how on earth did you get in to fishing??”This is a question that I love to give an in depth answer to

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  4. AD365- Episode 5

    AD365- Episode 5

    AD365 Episode 5Much to Hassan's bewildered surprise, AD365 has reached its fifth episode! Covering everything from Christmas to cracking carp being added to the Angling Direct Crown Netherhall Fishery – 'scaley bangers' that are

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  5. Phil Spinks - November 2018

    Phil Spinks - November 2018

    Now that it is feeling much more wintery my attentions turn to pike. I really look forward to my pike fishing each year. One of the reasons I enjoy fishing for pike so much is the fact you can target pike with so many different methods. Feeling a

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  6. Queen Of The Catch 2016 Arezue Wright - Thailand Trip of a Lifetime

    Queen Of The Catch 2016 Arezue Wright - Thailand Trip of a Lifetime

     After winning our Queen Of The Catch Title in 2016, Arezue secured a dream prize of not only an awesome Thailand fishing holiday with her husband Dave, but also meeting and being guided by John Wison MBE on his own awesome Thailand fishing lake

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  7. King Of The Catch 2016 – Predator Fishing Prize

    King Of The Catch 2016 – Predator Fishing Prize

    Are you serious about your predator fishing? Want the chance to fish side by side with one of the biggest names in the business? We have the holiday of a lifetime up for grabs in our King of the Catch competition!You’ll probably have heard by now

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