Thursday Focus - Water

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Thursday Focus - Water

Whether you’re naturally a cool cat or hot rod, it’s important to stay hydrated during your summer sessions. If you’re out all day, or you’re taking the opportunity to enjoy an angling getaway, having a cooler or coolbag full of your favourite cold drinks and frozen snacks is a great way to ramp up the relaxation, and dial down the hassle. In cooler weather, or on shorter sessions, a light yet spacious cool bag can also be used to carry and store fresh bait.

Even if you don’t think much of turning a fishing trip into a picnic, every bankside needs water, and we’ve got a couple of practical, affordable, and stylish options available in store or online. Let’s have a look at them, and a couple of our other bankside basics that will ensure you stay relaxed and hydrated, however long your fishing session’s set to last.

Bankside Basics

One of the most important considerations for summer sessions is staying hydrated. Whether you like to keep your angling back to basics, or find that fishing’s very much as lifestyle pursuit for you, we take a look at just a few of the great options we have to help you keep those fluids flowing as freely as your lines.

Coleman 50QT Xtreme Wheeled Cooler


One for the lifestyle anglers among you, this easy-to-transport cooler can keep food, drink, and bait on ice for up to five days, allowing you to turn any swim into a real home-from-home. Whether you decide to woo your other half with a luxury week at the water’s edge, and fill your Coleman cooler with white wine and caviar, or you opt to keep the kids out of trouble with a cooler full of fizzy drinks and ice cream to keep them going while they test the waters for days at a time over the summer holidays, your expert advice and guidance helping take them from snatching up tiddlers to landing something worth talking about, this cooler has plenty of space for everything you need.

The robust lid doubles as a small table, with four drinks holders – perfect if you’re fishing with the family, or catching up with some pals on the bank. Inside, 45cm x 33cm x 33cm of chilled out storage allows you to bring almost anything you want to the bank, turning a fishing trip into a holiday with a single purchase!

The base of the cooler features a handy drain plug, allowing you to easily draw off ice melt, while the inside is cooled by polyurethane foam. A robust, pull-along handle, and sturdy wheels, give this cool box larder a functionality far beyond fishing; buy it for your angling trips, keep if for that long weekend camping holiday, give it to your teens for all their festival experiences, have it on hand at every weekend barbecue; there’s nothing it won’t do.

What Do People Think?

You may prefer a cool bag for carrying, but at least you won’t be tempted to forgo having enough liquid refreshment in favour of packing more fresh bait with this bad boy.

If you’re adamant that you want a coolbag, something you can grab and go, then we’ve got the stylish

Trakker NXG XL Cool Bag


With padded walls and foil lined, insulated main compartment, this neat little coolbag gives you plenty of storage for cans of drink or frozen snacks. In the cooler weather, you can carry up to 20kg of boilies in this practical chiller bag, which is zipped with a twin zip, for complete durability.

As well as keeping your food and drink cooler for longer, the padded walls of the Trakker NXG XL Cool Bag also help protect the contents from the knocks and bumps that are part and parcel of the angling life – because there’s nothing worse than reaching for a cool, refreshing can of drink, only to find it’s been pierced in transit!

What Do People Think?

This coolbag is a lot bigger than it looks, with many of our customers finding they can comfortably pack enough for a week on the bank.

Nash Water Container


If you’re not bothered about having “fancy stuff” on the bank, but you’re sensible enough to not want to risk getting dehydrated, then these stylish Nash Water Containers, with striking, instantly recognisable branding, might just be what you’re looking for.

The 10litre option would be perfect for keeping a bankside kitchen running smoothly, while the 5litre water container should ensure you have plenty of water to hand for the thirsty work of landing that new personal best. And, at this price, you can easily afford to buy one of each!

Strong and durable, these water containers fit neatly in a bivvy or on a tackle trolley, and are the perfect bankside basic, whatever the weather.

What Do People Think?

Perfect for a couple of people for a day’s fishing, our customers like the fact that these water containers hold plenty of water, without taking up much space.

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