Top 10 Fishing Tools & Gadgets - Save Yourself Some Time on the Bank

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Top 10 Fishing Tools & Gadgets - Save Yourself Some Time on the Bank

Fishing accessories, tools, gadgets, whatever you want to call them, are incredibly handy to have on the bank, saving you time and energy. These days there are plenty of cool gadgets on the market, from hook sharpeners, right through to glow in the dark rig tools, we stock it all here at Angling Direct.

Here are our top 10 must have fishing accessories:


  • Nash PinPoint Hook Doctor

The Nash PinPoint Hook Doctor marks the end of time and labour intensive hook sharpening sessions, the electric Hook Doctor makes precise, effortless hook sharpening the work of just a few seconds. Using a lithium battery powered Carborundum 180 grade polishing stone the Hook Doctor clinically sharpens and remodels hook points just apply gentle pressure on the hook to contact the stone as it rotates until the correct point profile is achieved.


  • Gardner Multi Rake

 The Multi Rake is the ideal multi-functional tool for quickly clearing weed, twigs and leaves from your spot. Its design allows the rake to be attached to a rope and thrown by hand, or attached to a landing net handle or pole with the integral 3/8 BSF thread. The versatility of having both attachment points means that this unique product can be used for weed clearance; creating small spots, clearing channels and quickly clearing marginal weed to enable you to safely land any fish that you have hooked on weedy waters.


  • Nash Shrinker

The quickest and neatest way yet of finishing rigs with shrink tube kickers and extensions. Wet the entire rig, slide the hook and tube into the central bore of the Shrinker Tool and secure the link. With a jet lighter apply heat to the underside of the tube and in seconds it will have shrunk and can then be removed and shaped with ease. No more kettles and stoves or waiting for boiling water!



  • RidgeMonkey Multi-Tool

Moulded in Nite-Glo plastic, producing the ultimate 5 in 1 accessory: the Multi Tool is a must for every tackle box. Featuring a Stripper for coated braids, a Loop for pulling down the knot on hooks, a Hook to hold swivels and rings, a Tapered Point for creating perfect Ds in Chod material and a Stepped Point for creating perfect loops in stiff booms and small loops when splicing leadcore/lead-free leaders and hooklinks.


  • Maver Worm Scissors

Triple blade sissors do exactly what you would expect, with an extra 2, blades chopping hookbaits or free offerings is much quicker and more efficient. Perfect if you want to add some chopped worm to your Groundbait mix.


  • Avid Carp Retractor Tool Set

The Retracta Tool Set comes complete with all 5 Retracta baiting tools in a super compact hard case. The embossed case makes it easy to identify where your individual tools are stored. Using a double rear hinge design with magnets, the Retracta Tool Storage Case can be stood upright for ease of use.



  • Daiwa Prorex Pistol Disgorger

Daiwa disgorger pliers are perfectly made for reaching hooks and lures which have been deep hooked. Due to the applied angle, you can release the hook easily and safely. The jaws with grooves easily grab even thin hooks. The Teflon coating reduces the risk of corrosion. The ends of both handles are marked with luminous material to assist visibility in the dark. Length: 9.5" / 240mm.


  • RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Needle Set

Create the ability to present your bait as effectively as possible with this five-piece set: high quality needles with ergonomic tapered handles, all featuring the brilliant RidgeMonkey Nite Glo material and soft-touch rubberised inserts, meaning you don’t need to fumble about in the night for your tools again.



  • PikePro Oil & Air Kit

A handy kit that is an essential tool for every deadbaiter. The high-capacity syringe is supplied with two needles, a fine bore one for injecting air and a large bore needle for injecting viscous oils. Supplied in its own carry tube. Give your deadbaits an edge.


  • Fox Rage Tool Wrap

Whats better than a new gadget? 7 new gadgets. Keep all your core tools secure and together with this easily stored, 4 tool wrap system. Comes loaded with 4 Fox Rage tools: Forceps, Saw Tooth Cutters, Slide Cutters and Power Grip Pliers. Keep all your unhooking and rig-making tools secure and together with this easily stored, 7 tool wrap system. Comes loaded with 7 Fox Rage tools: Forceps, Saw Tooth Cutters, Slide Cutters, Power Grip Pliers, Split Ring Pliers, Crimping Pliers and Pistol Pliers.


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