Advanta Saturday- Advanta Net Range

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta Net Range

The Advanta net range covers all aspects of angling, from carp nets to glow in the dark match nets, we’ve got landing and keep nets covered. The Advanta range also includes net floats, combo deals and spare spreader blocks, its really is a one stop shop for quality, affordable nets.

Carp Nets

The Advanta carp net range is comprised of several 42” nets designed with fish care of some of the UK’s biggest specimen fish in mind.

First up, the Advanta Discovery CX Landing Net. This is the second version of the CX landing net, the first featured a nylon spreader block and after careful consideration and your feedback, Advanta have installed a new aluminium spreader block, enhancing the strength of the landing net.

The net features a two-piece matte black carbon composite handle complete with a handy net clip to keep the base of the deep green hex mesh net off the ground whilst transporting it to your swim. At the base of the net pole is a laser etched butt cap and shrink-wrapped grip, ensuring a comfortable grip throughout your high-octane fight with your new PB carp.

The arms of the net feature dual floats to assist you with playing a fish in one hand and holding the net on the surface in the other, enhancing your solo sessions and making your next tussle with a carp a little easier.


The other carp net in the range is the Advanta Discovery CSX Landing Net, another 42” net featuring Advanta’s premium deep green hex mesh, designed for ultimate fish care and durability. The two-piece net pole is constructed from matte black 3k carbon weave giving you incredible strength.

Similarly, to the CX landing net, the CSX features dual floats on the arm of the net, a shrink-wrapped grip, laser etched butt cap, a stainless steel spreader block and an innovative and useful net clip.

Match Nets

Match nets are designed for quick netting of commercial carp and silver fish and as a result are smaller in size and generally more agile than their carp equivalents, allowing you to quickly extract fish from the water and into your keepnet.


The first match net in the Advanta range is the X5 Match Oval Net, available in two sizes, medium and large. The match nets are ideal for commercial carp, subsequently, the net feature a deep fine mesh and the added strength of a spreader block, the X5 net is compatible with any landing net pole or bank stick thanks to its universal connection.

The X5 net has the bonus of having a touch responsive glow in the dark frame guide, which is useful in low light conditions, or perhaps a night on the river fishing for bream.


Next up, the Advanta X5 Match Elite Oval Net is the premium version of the X5 Match Oval Net and is essentially the same net with two subtle differences, the mesh is two-tone, featuring both black and deep green mesh, the other difference is the absence of the touch responsive glow in the dark frame guide.


The last net in the Advanta match net range is the essential keepnet, The X5 Match 3m Carp Keepnet. The strong, fish-friendly net is perfect for the retention of commercial carp, the ultra secure twist-lock angle adjustment and strong aluminium top ring will keep your net anchored to the bank. The standard 3/8 BSF thread is compatible with most banksticks and the addition of stake out rings allows you to maximise the capacity of the keepnet. The X5 keepnet features pull through handles to assist you with weighing at the end of the match. Specimen Nets

Advanta specimen nets cover river and fly fishing disciplines, with each one championing slightly different features to enhance its purpose within the range.


The Advanta Discovery RVS Folding Specimen Net is a premium specimen landing net, targeted at the roving angler. Its super strong aluminium frame allows passage in faster flowing water and is a must for the serious river angler. Exacerbating its compatibility for the roving angler is its ability to fold down into a half moon shape in order to fit into a rucksack regardless of whether you opt for the 22” or 30” variant.


Next in the range is the lightweight Advanta PS Folding Rubber Net aimed at the pike discipline. With a fully retractable telescopic handle and a folding net construction the net is perfect for boat work or the roving predator angler.

The net mesh itself is rubberised and avoid snagged trebles and, of course, the pike’s teeth. The aluminium frame contrasts with the black mesh and red trim and presents a really stylish predator net.

Finally, the Advanta GS Trout Net, as the name suggest this net is for trout fishing and features the iconic shorthand handle and rubber mesh to avoid snagged flies. The handle is complete with an elasticated lanyard to ensure you don’t lose it.

Regardless of your chosen discipline the Advanta net range has the perfect net to compliment your angling, perhaps its time you opted for the Advanta advantage.
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